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• 12/12/2017

Exploiting/Cheating (Personal Opinion)

The past few weeks I have been roaming the wiki, reading comments and such. During this, I saw a LOT of comments, a lot of which were fairly recent, promoting both exploiting and cheating to people who are asking for help. And yes, I understand that some people are fine using bugs and editors to get items faster. Heck, I dupe some items every once and a while! But when people are suggesting cheating to get past a boss, or getting a rare drop, I find that uncool. Let people get that sense of achievement when they get to their goal. I remember the first time I got a Crimson key mould, where I spent a good 10 hours farming for it. And sure, it may have been a pain, but once I finally got it, I felt so proud and happy! For those of you that do cheat in items, I recommend playing through the game legit, see how it feels to kill the bosses with gear you put your blood and sweat into getting. And please, never use cheating as a first option, as you are only hurting your play experience.
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• 12/12/2017
I Agree the only time I cheat is with Heros mod so I can build
• 12/13/2017
I am pretty sure several of them are sarcastic trolls that aren't seriously telling people to cheat to get past problems.

I agree with you though, I only ever cheat if I have finished the game and only with items that take a lot of time to collect, like thousands of stone if I wanted to build something. I never cheat in rare items, I make farms for them.

On another note, "Cheating" can be pretty subjective. Some people think bringing in items from another world or a previous game is cheating while some players disagree. Since I've played and finished Terraria for the first time, I've always brought my favorite pet, light pet and the Drill Containment Unit with me so it doesn't take ages for me to make gaps between corrupt/crimson biomes. But hey, you get the Drill Containment Unit at the very end of the game, where else are you going to use it except on a new game?
• 12/15/2017
yea, I still dupe stuff but I wouldn't dupe something like a broken heroes sword or anything like that.
• 1/5/2018
I dint know how to cheats I am newb
• 1/6/2018
Cheating is disgraceful and literally takes the work out of the game, which at first does not seem bad but quickly ruins the experience as you play on.
• 1/7/2018
I fInD tHaT uNcOoL
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