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• 12/28/2017

Tips for Beginners

Hi, I'm a really big newb. Does anyone have some goals I could make or tips for beginners? Thanks!
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• 12/29/2017
If you want good equipment, mine to look for chests.
• 12/29/2017
This is probably going to be advanced but it would make you OP.

Full Meteor Armor and Space Gun:
Once you have wooden armor and weapons, a stack or two of dirt and a few explosives, you will need the dirt to climb out since you cannot mine the blocks there yet, be at the Corruption or Crimson (depends on which you have) at 12am (meteors spawn from 12am to 4:30am). Break Crimson Orbs/Pulsating hearts (use a bomb if you can't get to it) until 2 meteors spawn (remember that the boss will spawn when you have broken 3, you can close the game and reopen it to despawn the boss once it has shown up). Find the meteors and mine them, throw sand on top so you can't get burnt, make the armor and gun.

Preparation for Hardmode:
You will now be OP until you face the Wall of Flesh. Your task now is to fish for crates in the ocean, get as much crates as you can but do NOT open them. After you have about 50 of the common crate, go to the Jungle and kill Queen Bees until you get either 30 Beenades or the Bee Gun or The Bee's Knees. Once you have any of those three, you will be OP for the Wall of Flesh. Once Hardmode starts, open your crates and you will get possibly ALL of the hardmode ores, make all the items you need and then you are once again OP for regular hardmode monsters.

If you plan on making farms for monsters etc, it's best to make them all before hardmode, everything should be ready before hardmode, like removing all Water Candles in the Dungeon and exploring the whole jungle and having torches put up in most areas there.

BTW, to avoid meteorites from landing someplace you don't want it to, put a chest there. Meteorites will not land within 20 blocks of a chest. Also make your skybridge out of platforms so it will pass through it.
• 12/30/2017
Make NPC house increase your max hp
• 12/31/2017
some of my tips for pc version of terraria:

Go to the jungle, kill some hornets/spiked jungle slimes and man eaters/snatchers, then gather some jungle spores and rich mahogany woods.

After u have at least 2 stingers, 1 vine, 8 rich mahogany wood and 3 jungle spores, go mine some iron/lead to make an anvil and craft the amazon yoyo. It is a really op yoyo in the early games and u could even beat some bosses with it.

Some of my tips for mobile version of terraria:
(I recommend corruption world)

Go down in the caverns and try to find gravitation potions in chests, and while u r finding them, mine some ore to make armors.

After u find some and get some armor, go fly up to the space with the potion and get some floating island loots.

It's good if u get starfury and lucky horseshoe

After getting some floating island loots, build a house for the demolitionist (u need grenades or bombs in ur inventory). After the demolitionist come to ur world, go buy some bombs and go to the corruption biome.

Go destroy some ebonstones with ur explosives and try to destroy 3 shadow orbs to summon the eater of worlds, kill them several times to get full shadow set.

Then, try to mine to the underworld and its best if u find spider nests, if u find one collect all the cobwebs and craft some molotov cocktails (u might need some gels, sands, and torches... And ofc some more crafting stations, just search how to craft it in wiki)

After u got some molotov cocktails, go get the guide voodoo doll and fight the WoF easily :)

Ez hardmode
• 1/1/2018
Don't die... Just kidding if you need mine matereals and have gold armor or up the eye of catholo( I don't know how to spell it) will spawn in your world and will be your first boss or is ment to be it will drop ore from the Crimson or the Curuption. From there I recommend to make a sword from the ore you get and a pickaxe if lucky. From there go to the disruption with bombs or dynamite and a hammer. Destroy 3 orbs and Eater Of Worlds will spawn. Try to go for the head because if you kill a body part it will break of with its own head. Once you are done craft armor from the ores you get and head to the jungle to fight the queen bee.
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• 1/2/2018
*materials *cthulhu *corruption *deathbringer pickaxe needs shadow scale to craft (EoW drop) *corruption

So many typo lol
• 1/2/2018
Thanks XD
• 1/5/2018
Upgrading your weapons and armor is essential. Gather more resources. Get a campfire. Pets can help too. Mine for ores.
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