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• 1/2/2018

Moon Lord Strategy Help

Does Anybody Know The Best Strategy To Beat Moon Lord?
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• 1/2/2018
Spam your strongest weopon,that's it, basically.;-)
• 1/2/2018
OK, Thank You
• 1/2/2018
Create an arena, bonfires for regen, platforms for quick movement, summons for extra damage, and etc.
• 1/3/2018
The best arena is if you have teleporters on each end that connect to each other, powered by buttons when you stand on them. Those would make you able to run infinitely towards one direction, each time you teleport, Moon Lord has to search for you again and restart attacking you so he will practically not be able to land any attacks, if you use weapons that automatically chase down enemies like the Razorblade Typhoon or Chlorophyte Bullets, you can just run and shoot and not even look at the screen.

My arena also has a roof of solid blocks that protects me from Moon Lords lasers but it's not necessary if I am using the teleporters.
My all purpose arena:
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