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• 1/5/2018

What are the uses of Worm Tooth?

Hey. Does anyone know of the uses of worm teeth? I have tons and don't know what to do with them.
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• 1/5/2018
Unholy arrows and thorn potions. You're welcome. :)
• 1/5/2018
Have you tried reading the article?

Next time you are wondering about an item, you can also check the information on the wiki, that's why this wiki exists.
Worm Tooth
Worm Tooth Terraria Wiki
• 1/6/2018
Used for unholy arrow's
• 1/6/2018
you can speak to the guide and click crafting with the item and but the item into that little box where the crafting menu should have been, it should show you the resipies, if not then report it as a glitch, simple
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