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v Alchemy Station
Alchemy Station
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Crafting Station
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With Bottle, Mug, Chalice, or Pink Vase
Plus any of the following:

Wooden Table
Work Bench
Wood Platform
Tinkerer's Workshop

For a list of Alchemy Station crafting recipes, see Crafting

An Alchemy Station is a crafting station that is primarily used to craft potions. But can also be used as a nice decoration.


In order to create an Alchemy Station, you will need to place a Bottle, ChaliceMug or Pink Vase on top of a Wooden Table, Work Bench, Dresser, Tinkerer's Workshop. If an Alchemy station is created using a Work Bench, then it will function as both of the crafting stations combined. Note that you don't need a chair for a crafting station.


  • The interface of the Guide's crafting reference refers to Alchemy Station recipes as requiring a "Bottle".
Terraria - Crafting 101(12:23)

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