The Ammo Reservation Potion is a potion crafted at an Alchemy Station that grants a 20% chance not to consume ammo for 7 minutes when used. This effect stacks with armor set bonuses with the same effect, the Ammo Box buff, the Magic Quiver, and effects of the Minishark, Gatligator, Megashark, and S.D.M.G.


  • The use of a Double Cod in this potion's crafting recipe may be a reference to the first person shooter series Call of Duty, commonly abbreviated as C.O.D.
  • The highest possible chance to not consume ammo is at 76% chance, achieved with the Megashark, Gatligator, or S.D.M.G., the effects of the Ammo Box and Ammo Reservation Potion, and set bonus of Hallowed Armor with the Hallowed Helmet.
  • The calculation of total chance to not consume ammo is multiplicative rather than additive. Take 50%(Megashark), 20%(Ammo Box), 20%(Ammo Reservation Potion) and 25%(Hallowed Helmet). The chance to consume ammo would be; (1.0 - 0.5)*(1.0 - 0.2)*(1.0 - 0.2)*(1.0 - 0.25) = (0.5)*(0.8)*(0.8)*(0.75) = 0.24 = 24% chance to consume ammo, or 76% chance to not consume ammo. At best, one bullet will be consumed with every 4 shots.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.