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v509Antlion Swarmer
Antlion Swarmer
Type Monster
HP 50 Heart / 100 Heart
Attack 30 / 60
Defense 12
Spawn Time Sun Moon CharmNew (Anytime)
Spawn Area Sand Block Desert Biome
Banner(?) Antlion Swarmer Banner
90 CopperCoin Small? 100%
1-2 Antlion Mandible 33.33%

Antlion Swarmers are flying enemies that spawn in the Underground Desert. They can spawn on the surface if a pit is present. Unlike their name, they don't have enough numbers to "swarm" players.

Attack Patterns

The Antlion Swarmer flies around in an area and heads towards the player once visible, causing contact damage by flying into the player.


  • Like Antlion Larvae, Antlion Swarmers are real insects. However, they themselves are called Antlions and their larvae are Antlion Larvae.
  • Antlion Swarmers are similar to Swarmer Ants, which are flying ants that can infest a household.
  • They make more aggressive Antlion noises compared to others so they have a unique sound.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.