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Item 3280(0)   Item 3280
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Yo-Yo
Damage? 17 Damagetype melee
Velocity (?) 16
Use Time 25 (Fast)
Knockback 4 (Weak)
Highest Prefix? Godly
Quality Tier 1
Sell Value 1 GoldCoin Small
Crafted With 12 Crimtane Bars
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Lead Anvil

The Artery is a Crimson-themed yo-yo. It has a range of about 15 blocks. It's similar to Malaise with the exception of .5 less knockback.


  • Its name is based off the artery - a vessel of the Circulatory System which carries oxygenated blood away from the heart. The presence of oxygen causes blood in the artery to be red.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
Pre-Hard Mode
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