v Baby Skeletron Head
Baby Skeletron Head infobox   Baby Skeletron Head (buff)
Type Monster
Sub Type Pet
HP N/A Heart
Summoned By Bone Key

The Baby Skeletron Head is a pet that can be summoned using the Bone Key. It is a small version of Skeletron's head, and to obtain the Bone Key, one must defeat the Dungeon Guardian.

When the player gets far enough from it, it will start spinning like Skeletron's head does and will fly to the player at rapid speed.


  • The buff description when the Baby Skeletron Head is active is Don't even ask...


  • A bug that causes two Baby Skeletron Heads to follow the player happens sometimes when one logs out and logs back in.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


Terraria - Dungeon Guardian Pet, Baby Skeletron01:48

Terraria - Dungeon Guardian Pet, Baby Skeletron