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Wood wall placed
Wood wall in the background

Certain blocks in Terraria only appear in the Background, such as walls, Crystal Hearts, and Shadow Orbs. Background blocks can be destroyed and collected with hammers. In addition to blocks, furniture is also placed in the background. The only background block(s) which can't be destroyed with a hammer are Trees. Trees can be chopped down with an axe.


Walls are tiles placed in the Background. All walls except for dirt walls and dungeon walls prevent Monsters from spawning in the area in front of the wall, and are therefore useful for preventing monsters from spawning inside player-made buildings. Walls do not prevent players or monsters from passing through (but blocks do).

There are several different types of walls. With the exception of dirt walls (described above), there is no difference between them other than their appearance. Walls can be placed in the Underground layers once stones start to appear in the background. (This area is particularly easy to notice if you have Parallaxing on.)

One brick will craft 4 wall blocks of that type. Placed wall blocks can only be broken with a Hammer. Naturally occurring dirt walls generally need to be destroyed from the outside in (i.e., you cannot knock a hole in the naturally occurring dirt wall deep underground). The best way to calculate how many walls you require for a room or house is to find the dimensions of that house/room. Then to obtain the area using the dimensions. Area/4 = about the amount of walls you need. To break down these walls, a player must start from an opening, not from any place.

NPCs cannot move into houses without walls.

As of v1.2, some walls can be crafted back into bricks.

Copper Pillars
Some backdrops look nice together. For example, Copper backdrop pillars with grey stone walls looks like the house is really being held up, if you have a basement.

Types of Walls

Special Walls

These walls can only be obtained though the destruction of the dungeon background with a hammer, hamaxe, or explosives. Explosives will only destroy the walls that aren't blocked by the actual bricks, because dungeon bricks cannot be destroyed with Bombs or Dynamite.

  • Blue Brick Wall
    Dungeon Walls
    The three color variations of Dungeon walls.
  • Green Brick Wall
  • Pink Brick Wall


Blocks and furniture in the background do not affect the player's ability to move, except most allow you to stand on them, like the Wood Platform.

Back Drop

A back drop is a lot different than the actual Background itself. The background lets you place a lot more in it than the back drop. For instance the wooden platform can be placed within a background, not a back drop. If you however try to place a wooden platform in the back drop nothing will happen, because the back drop is the outside world and it would not give a good sense of realism if there was a wooden platform floating in the sky.


Doodads do not obstruct the movement of the player, but add detail to the environment. Doodads include, but are not limited to, stalagmites and stalactites, bone piles, rocks, weeds, grass, and more. Doodads must be removed before other background items such as furniture and torches can be placed. An important and rare doodad resembles a bag of copper, silver, or gold coins and will yield coins when broken with a pickaxe. Coin bags are often found in pyramids.


Before the 1.2 update, Ebonstone and Hellstone walls existed in-game, but only in naturally generated Corruption chasms and Hell Shrines respectively. The item, however, did not drop, which made them unobtainable. Another type of unobtainable Mud Background Walls were added in the 1.0.6 patch, and are generated within a 1.0.6 and above world in the Jungle. You however could not craft them, even though the change log said you were, in fact, able to. However, they can be created as of the current update.

A single ebonstone wall segment
Breaking mud background walls with a Hammer/Hamaxe will turn them into "dust" much like Dirt walls, Hellstone walls, etc.

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