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vBasilisk Mount 
Mount Basilisk
Type Mount/Pet
Summoned with Ancient Horn
The Basilisk Mount is a mount summoned by the Ancient Horn, which is dropped by Basilisks in the underground desert. Running into an enemy at full speed will cause the mount to damage enemies.


  • The Basilisk Mount provides accelerated speed on land at 41 mph.
  • It has a jump height of 14 tiles/28 feet.
  • The Basilisk Mount will deal damage to enemies while travelling over 10 mph.
  • Charging through enemies inflicts 90 base damage, excluding enemy defense; this damage is summon damage, meaning that minion-enhancing items will benefit the Basilisk.
  • Enemies that are killed by the mount does not inflict contact damage on the player, but the player will suffer contact damage from enemies that survive it.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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