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v723Beam Sword
Beam Sword   Item 723
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Broadsword
Damage? 52 Damagetype melee
Use Time 15 (Very Fast)
Knockback 6.5 (Strong)
Continuous Attack No
Highest Prefix? Legendary
Quality Tier 4
Tooltip Shoots a beam of light
Dropped By Armored Skeleton
Heavy Skeleton
Drop Rate 0.67%
Sell Value 10 GoldCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Beam Sword is a Hardmode weapon dropped by Armored Skeletons. This weapon has the ability to shoot a damaging yellow beam of light alongside normal attacks. This beam can be fired on a cooldown of roughly one second, during which the player cannot select another weapon to use.

Beam Sword - Terraria 101:04

Beam Sword - Terraria 1.2 Guide New Melee Weapon!


  • When a beam of light is ready to be fired, the "full mana" sound and particle effect will occur. It takes a full 60 frames to recharge, optimally resulting in one beam able to be fired per second.
  • The Beam Sword is in the same weapon family as and can be considered a weaker version of the Terra Blade, True Excalibur, and True Night's Edge due to its higher cooldown time, lower damage and speed, and smaller size.
  • The speed of the flying beam is affected by attack speed.
  • It is recommended to use this sword if you're lucky enough to have it drop at the start of Hardmode as it has a higher base damage than the swords crafted from any of the Hardmode metals (except for Chlorophyte) up to and including the Excalibur.


  • Beam shooting swords are commonly seen in many fantasy games, Legend of Zelda as example.
  • This weapon could be considered an upgrade to the Enchanted Sword.


  • Occasionally, the beam fired by this weapon will pierce multiple enemies despite not being supposed to be able to do so.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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