The Beetle Husk is dropped by the Golem. It is used to craft the Beetle Armor as well as the Beetle Wings.

It may be difficult to acquire these items in abundance due to the method in which you obtain them; that is, defeating the Golem (which will only yield a small number of husks per kill). Because it is rather tedious to obtain all of the husks required to craft all the items, it would be advisable to create new worlds and explore the temple in each of them to obtain enough Lihzahrd Power Cells to fight the Golem multiple times (Unless you don't want to make another world hardmode, then defeat all 3 mechanical bosses then Plantera on that world). Each time you defeat Golem, it will drop 4-8 beetle husks, meaning that it must be killed 5-9 times in order to get enough beetle husks to craft everything in the game (For one player). 

A total of 34 Beetle Husks are needed to craft both the Beetle Armor and Wings, with the armor requiring 26 and the wings 8 Husks.

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  • Added to the game.
    Beetle Husk Terraria 1.201:43

    Beetle Husk Terraria 1.2.3 Update New Item New Patch