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Betsy is a Hardmode event boss that spawns in Wave 7 of the Old One's Army event, also acting as the final boss of said event. She will not spawn in the event until the player has defeated Golem.


  • Her attack pattern is similar to Duke Fishron.
  • Betsy's attack patterns include swooping down at the player, breathing fire, and circling the area.
  • Instead of targeting the crystal, Betsy will always attack the player straight away. If the player is killed, she will then target the crystal.
  • Defeating Betsy is the only way to end Wave 7 of the Old One's Army.
  • It is recommended to fight Betsy with multiple people, as attempting to fight her solo means that the player is leaving the crystal open for attack.


  • Betsy is based off of the dragon boss Betsy from Dungeon Defenders 2.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.