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Blade of Grass

Last edited on April 7, 2014
by SilverHexxitFights
v190Blade of Grass
Blade of Grass
Item 190
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Broadsword
Damage (?) 28
Damagetype melee
Inflicts Poisoned: 25% chance
Use Time 29 (Average)
Knockback 3 (Very Weak)
Quality Tier 3 (Orange)
Sell Value 54  
Continuous Attack No
Material In Night's Edge
Crafted With 15 Stingers
12 Jungle Spores
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Lead Anvil
The Blade of Grass is a sword made with certain materials from the Underground Jungle. It has the second longest melee range in the game (second only to the Breaker Blade). The Blade of Grass is able to hit monsters that are behind your character due to its length; however, the knockback may cause monsters to fly up onto the user's head. The Blade of Grass is also a good weapon to use against the Eye of Cthulhu due to its relatively easy accessibility, wide arc of fire, and ability to poison. The Blade of Grass is one of the four swords required to craft the Night's Edge.
Terraria - Blade of Grass (01:44, 19685 views)


  • When you swing the Blade of Grass, it makes the same particle effect as cutting grass in the Underground Jungle.
  • The Blade of Grass is one of the 3 best swords in a pre-hardmode world.


  • The sword's name is a play on words, referring to the fact that a single grass sprout is called a 'blade' of grass.
  • There is an episode on the show "Adventure Time" with the same name, along with a similar sword of the sort
Blade of Grass being swung.

Update Info


  • Sprite updated.


  • No longer requires a Silver Broadsword or Jungle Roses to be crafted.
  • Uses Jungle Spores instead.
  • No longer a drop from hornets.


  • Changed speed to Average from Slow.
  • Extended range.
  • Has a chance to inflict Poisoned debuff.



  • Introduced.

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