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v1827Bladed Glove
Item 1827
Type Weapon
Damage (?) 14 Damagetype melee
Use Time 7 (Insanely Fast)
Knockback 4 (Weak)
Quality Tier 2 (Mint)
Dropped By Weak monsters during Halloween
Drop Rate 1.2%
Sell Value 1 GoldCoin Small 
Continuous Attack Yes
This item cannot be crafted.
The Bladed Glove is an extremely short ranged and relatively weak weapon, granted it's incredibly fast. It is a rare drop during Halloween.
Bladed Glove - Terraria 1.201:28

Bladed Glove - Terraria 1.2.1 Guide New Melee Weapon!


  • The best prefix the Bladed Glove can be reforged to is "Legendary".
  • Cause of it's very short range, it's recommended to only use it for extremely close melee attacks.


  • The glove is most likely a reference to Freddy Krueger, main villain of the Nightmare horror movie series, who uses an similiar glove to kill his victims.
  • This item is very useful for harvesting different items e.g. Glowing Mushrooms from player made farms.
  • This is the fastest melee weapon to have the autoreuse property.

Freddy Krueger

Red Hat, Vampire Pants, and Sailor's Shirt (with suitable Dyes)will make perfect Freddy Krueger look.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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