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Item 3211(0)   Item 3211
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Broadsword
Damage? 55 Damagetype melee
Inflicts Ichor Ichor
Use Time 28 (Average)
Knockback 5.75 (Average)
Continuous Attack Yes
Highest Prefix? Legendary
Quality Tier 5
Found In Crimson, fishing
Drop Rate 0.5% (1:200)
Sell Value 4 GoldCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Bladetongue is a sword that can be fished from a body of water in the Crimson during Hardmode with a 0.5% (1:200) chance. When it hits an enemy, it shoots a stream of ichor that can penetrate multiple enemies and inflicts the Ichor debuff.


  • The Ichor stream will bounce off of blocks twice, dissipating on the third block hit. If it does not hit any blocks, it will automatically dissipate after two seconds.
  • While the Ichor stream can inflict Ichor, simply hitting an enemy with the Bladetongue can inflict Ichor as well.
  • The Bladetongue is the Crimson version of the Corruption's Toxikarp.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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