• Xenomorph915


    July 10, 2017 by Xenomorph915

    Terraria has a variety of mods, but I feel that the best one is the Calamity mod.  It is a mod with many new bosses, a huge amount of new items, and a set of inventory addons like a crafting guide,(not the guide) anda boss check list.  My favorite boss is Crabulon.  He drops glowing mushroom related weapons like the mycoroot, fungicide, and mycelial claws.  In expert mode he drops a tresure bag that holds an expert item called the fungal clump.  It is an accesory that summons a flying mushroom crab that attacks enimies and also gives you rapid life regen while attacking.  Calamity is a big mod and adds bosses that come after the Moonlord.

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  • Xenomorph915

       I have been making a Xenomorph costume over the summer and I can't wait for halloween!  I have been using a website for the making.~  It is a reference to the "Alien" desinged by H.R. Giger.  I have a huge intrest in the Xenomorph and I have to give Terraria credit because it also has the Xenomorph costume in it!~  If you want more info on the Alien check out the Xenopedia by Fandom Wiki!~

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  • RippingCrescent

    Hey I'm looking for new friends to play with on the Xbox 360. My gamertag is RippingCrescentūüėĀ

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  • LuisReyesGG

    somebody that known the name of the material of the roof (the green) please

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  • TouguTouhou

    Hello, I am having a problem with the jungle temple. I accidentally found a glitch, that lead me to the altar room, and with my power cell, I defeated the golem. I didn't get a message telling me, that I got to unlock the lunatic cultist, nor was anything in the old man dungeon, and frankly, I do not wish to create a new world. What do I do??

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  • Lateyummy
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  • Lateyummy

    New npc idea's

    April 30, 2017 by Lateyummy

    1) the demon spawns after defeating the 10 demon brothers in the underworld. Sells deaths heart which cost 100 platinum coins one shots anything.

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  • TechnoSpaceKitty

    There was an enemy with tiny purple orbs swirling around it (See the profile tab), and i'd like answers. As mentioned, is it a Targeting System?, Is it just more powerful than usual?, is it a Debuff?, Was it caused by one of my weapons? I'd very much like to know this.

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  • Dabbado

    story of terraria

    December 30, 2016 by Dabbado

    I am Dab, Dragon's new user. Onwards, I have a little story to tell you.

    One day I was walking in the Perity, hoping to find some chests I found this hole and, well jumped in. At that time of game I was well equiped with a gold sword (I fished) ready to go in this tunnel I found some long drops untill I cam across the Granaite biome. Shocked, I found a Life Crystel and ate it. I allso found a great fishing spot, but no chests.

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  • Rustkit and dewkit

    First things first

    December 29, 2016 by Rustkit and dewkit

    Fast things first is that i am the one and only pun queen.

    I've never lost a pun battle so don't bother.

    Also I PUR FUR to be called pebbleshine.......

    I love drawing and am actually very good at it.

    My speciality is drawing cats and deer.

    I'm good at plan making

    And have successfully turned a single mean troll into just one of those annoying but at least not mean kind of was very hard but I somehow did it.

    Anyways I love helping wikis with information and all terraria info I give is from the mobile experience.


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