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  • Melts


    October 28, 2016 by Melts

    Doodles, or scribbles, is what happens when a pen or crayon meets a piece of paper and we create something just because its there. In Terraria , we get to use blocks , walls , and paint. If you have ever made something in Terraria , just because you felt you needed to , share it with me . It doesn't matter if if your a tech grad with a PHD or a young newcomer who just hit their first block with a hammer , if you are proud or what you made , share the way .... no " naughty" stuff or things with "bad" words in them please !!!!

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  • Sparksdragon

    1.4 update

    October 26, 2016 by Sparksdragon

    Disclamer, this blog has words not spelled correctly, now for the blog.

    The 1.4 update is not the next update, but it is possibly a major one. (Like the 1.3 update) Everyone that plays terraria for a long time thinks that Cthulhu should be added; as a boss.I think Cthulhu should be an NPC. Moon Lord is Cthulhu's bother and Moon Lord is a Boss. Moon Lord is mayby  Cthulhu's evil brother.My gess is that the devs will add more bosses, I have found that bosses are conected to currten (I know it is spelled wrong) Biomes. (Plantera to Jungle,ect for all boss)  Bosses needed for the Underground, Desert, Snow, Space, Meteorites, Granite, Marble and ect. For the Underground there should be a bat (like my Flying Cat) , Worm, Gemstone monster or Skeleton…

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  • Destroyer236

    terraria weapon ideas

    October 24, 2016 by Destroyer236

    hey this is a new wiki for fan idaes for weapons here is the link

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  • Sparksdragon

    The 1.3.4 is coming out soon and the devs revaled a dark "portal" which a lot of people think its a boss. It looks like the thing that the Cultists are worshiping. It might be a boss summoning animation,if so i think it will be a Solar Cultist,or it is linked to Cthulhu. A Cthulhu NPC, Boss, link to a Biome full of Derplings and Herpling? (Dragon, that unlikely)

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  • Sparksdragon

    Greatings Wikiers,I just need to talk about the fan ideas wiki. This wiki is amazing. I made a boss called the Flying Cat.

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  • Slowking Nation

    About Me!!!!

    September 16, 2016 by Slowking Nation

    I was new and this blog was made on:9-16-16 (September 16th 2016)

    This blog is about me and my channel,wikias,and ETC are all Slowking Nation after my favorite Pokémon Slowking. You may be saying loser but here is some stuff about me

    I live in Upsher County and go to BUMS 

    I am a boy

    I have a YouTube

    Same name as Blogs,Wikias,And ETC.

    My channel does Games and ETC...

    Please subscribe to become apart of my Slowbro Army (Slowbro is also a Pokémon)

    Have a wonderful rest of the evening.

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  • RenzXVI

    Ge here and wait for it to load:
    Then type this to join our chat: /join terraria

    You can join any Wikia chat through that.
    It's still the same as wikia chats.
    Help page:

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  • RenzXVI

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  • PartyEnderman

    Le Solar Eclipse

    July 26, 2016 by PartyEnderman

    Ok so Chaplin, KitKat, and I were minding our business when " a Solar Eclipse is rising" so we killed a lot of enemies blah blah blah what ever. So Chaplin and I go to the jungle with some spelunker potions to find some life fruit and KitKat does her own thing when all of a sudden "a Solar Eclipse is rising" so we're all like rly? So after getting some more stuff it ended and at this point we haven't seen the sun for two nights and days. Finally we think the sun is going to come up, all of a sudden "a Solar Eclipse is rising" at this point we got almost everything we needed so we honestly didn't care. So after that Chaplin made a Terra Blade and he had a LOT of fun with that. So that's about it. Now, I'm curious. I know people say curiosit…

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  • PartyEnderman

    Ok so, I know I took a WHILE for this one but I was VERY busy... Watching the new Ghost Busters... But I bet the title speaks for itself. I thought that the queen bee would be GREAT to fight over and over but then I got bees wax, I was like whoa... THEY FREAKIN UPDATED OMG I GOT TO TELL KITKAT RIGHT NOW!!! So I got KitKat a hornet staff and a spider staff, I got me a queen spider staff and a imp staff. Not only did that happen but we found a stylist... Yay!!! I have red hair for my health and KitKat got time hair dye and got a new hair cut. Well that's just about it so I'll see you guys later!!!

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