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  • Lateyummy

    New npc idea's

    April 30, 2017 by Lateyummy

    1) the demon spawns after defeating the 10 demon brothers in the underworld. Sells deaths heart which cost 100 platinum coins one shots anything.

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  • TechnoSpaceKitty

    There was an enemy with tiny purple orbs swirling around it (See the profile tab), and i'd like answers. As mentioned, is it a Targeting System?, Is it just more powerful than usual?, is it a Debuff?, Was it caused by one of my weapons? I'd very much like to know this.

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  • Dabbado

    story of terraria

    December 30, 2016 by Dabbado

    I am Dab, Dragon's new user. Onwards, I have a little story to tell you.

    One day I was walking in the Perity, hoping to find some chests I found this hole and, well jumped in. At that time of game I was well equiped with a gold sword (I fished) ready to go in this tunnel I found some long drops untill I cam across the Granaite biome. Shocked, I found a Life Crystel and ate it. I allso found a great fishing spot, but no chests.

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  • Rustkit and dewkit

    First things first

    December 29, 2016 by Rustkit and dewkit

    Fast things first is that i am the one and only pun queen.

    I've never lost a pun battle so don't bother.

    Also I PUR FUR to be called pebbleshine.......

    I love drawing and am actually very good at it.

    My speciality is drawing cats and deer.

    I'm good at plan making

    And have successfully turned a single mean troll into just one of those annoying but at least not mean kind of was very hard but I somehow did it.

    Anyways I love helping wikis with information and all terraria info I give is from the mobile experience.


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  • RulerOfEverything

    A Story

    December 25, 2016 by RulerOfEverything

     You wake up lying on a pickaxe.  Groaning from sleep and discomfort, you roll over and grab the pick.  It is made of copper, turning green, with a wooden handle, worn smooth from use.  Scattered around you are an axe and shortsword, also copper, and several large sticks with red powder on one end.  You gather the stuff, and it is then you realize you have no memory and no idea how you got there.  You panic for time, but then reason sinks in and you realize thzt in order to survive you must build a shelter.  You reach for you axe, but before you can grab it, you hear a squelching noise.  You whirl around to see a strange creature.  About knee high, the slime is made of glistening green, well, slime.  It doesn't seem threatening, so you app…

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  • Sakkeman

    On Banners

    December 13, 2016 by Sakkeman

    Just a short post about the said items.

    All the pages about monster banners say they give you a "minor" buff against the enemies in question. Now, how many of you think +50% (+100% in expert) damage and +25%(+50% in expert) damage reduction is "minor"? 

    USE THE BANNERS, you won't regret it. Makes invasions a lot easier. Active editors, what do you say? Should that "minor" be upgraded to "Major"?

    (source , and of course everyone can test it) 

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  • PlasHax

    Visit my user page NOW!

    November 22, 2016 by PlasHax

    So, I added this new thing on my user page that you don't want to miss out on. It's a section where you can have your name on my page. All you have to do is either talk to me in my chat page and ask for your name, or comment down below. You have to ask me because only admins can edit my Profile. However...this event is only being held until December 1st, 2016, so if you want your name there, hurry up. See you on my page (hopefully)!

    Edit: If you miss out on the signing, the next event time will be December 30th through January 2nd.

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  • Sparksdragon

    The mystery of what is terraria all came to this. Me telling you my theroy.

    There is almost no evedece to show this but it might be when ever the D-day has come. You get Npcs as you explore and progress throw the game. (i will explan that later) 

    Terraria is simpaly a differnt planet. The dryad said that terraria needs you. On Terraria there are difernt islands. Npcs are slowly moveing to terraria to excape what ever is on earth.

    The enemys of terraria are mad that you are takeing over there land or just think humans are yummy? Why dos the C.A.R. drop from the Wof? Why dos the Slimer have wing? You ask the question and I and other nice people answer you.

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  • TheFireDragoon

    So thsi afternoon I introduced a friend to Terraria and was telling him about that new information on the Terraria twitter. What I found out is about 1.3.4 and the new update that's 1.3.4. It'll be a crossover between Dungeon Defenders 2 & Terraria with eachof them getting new weapons from the others. Terraria will get tower defense elements, new monsters, and more!

    Honestly, i'm really excited since it's basically a miniature Terraria Otherworld, just branded as Terraria X Dungeon Defenders 2. (In one image, you also see some of the Dungeon Defenders 2 characters in the Terraria world. Also Dryad comes to Dungeon Defenders 2.)

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  • Sparksdragon

    Pavain, My New Boss

    November 4, 2016 by Sparksdragon

    I just made a new Boss called "Pavain". I need your help to figure out the numbers,drops,ect. I want people that,

    1. Are good at moding
    1. like modding
    1. will be willing to work with me and other moders and
    1. can make a better sprite then me

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