• M00nl0rd78

    worst boss fight ever!

    January 13, 2018 by M00nl0rd78

    mine was i used the minishark on the wall of flesh and i though cuz of the 33% chance to not consume ammo i only used 33 bullets (probably cuz i was 7 and did not know how percentage worked) then i tried it with 67 bullets (the other half of 33%) that did not work so then i left behind my days of bieng a noob and looked it up! so pls do get back 2 me i cant wait to see ur worst boss fights


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  • Mathlete101

    To be honest I think the Terra Blade, because its easier to craft, and it's more accurate and more efficient. When you reply, please make sure you state a proper reason why you feel that way.

    Sorry, I meant "Terrarian"

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  • M00nl0rd76

    your noob moments

    January 10, 2018 by M00nl0rd76

    hey i would like 2 know what ur biggest noob moment was mine was 

    the time when i tried to fight WoF wall of flesh with wooden armour and a

    copper bow on my first playthrough! :)

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  • OvertheOverworld

    Ive been playing for a while in terraria and I want to know what was your favorite moment when you first started terraria.

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  • Ilovepuppies7726

    Hi! I'm Ilovepuppies7726, and welcome to this blog. So, what was your biggest pro moment in Terraria?

    Mine was when I killed the WoF in 30 seconds with all the solar equipment, which was EPIC.

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  • Dak47922

    Sure has been a while...

    December 2, 2017 by Dak47922

    Sure has been a while since I've been around. Just recently picked the game again and am quite happy to see it is still receiving lots of love and attention. Here's to hoping I learn to love it all over again! :3

    Signed - A rusty admin

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    Yeah, based of the name of the blog, you can see I'm making a WEBCOMIC! I do not actually HAVE a webcomic part yet, but I DO have a plan of it. Oh, and it's (kinda) based off of The Legend of Maxx.

    The main character and protagonist (often called a antagonist by the Guide), Jaye, has just came into the world of Terraria. She suddenly meets the guide. Jaye is told to build a house, and while collecting wood, is told by the guide of where he had to stay before Jaye came. Jaye builds a house. Her house is just a outline with a opening for a door and a "window".

    That's the plan for the first comic of The Adventure of Jaye.

    Also, YOU can vote the name of the guide! It must be a existing Guide name (check the Names section for more info).

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  • Yozern

    random mobile stuff

    September 20, 2017 by Yozern

    Random stuff from my new the mobile play through

    Me and someone who is my friend made this pic

    These ones are from the old days of adventuring

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  • Xenomorph915


    July 10, 2017 by Xenomorph915

    Terraria has a variety of mods, but I feel that the best one is the Calamity mod.  It is a mod with many new bosses, a huge amount of new items, and a set of inventory addons like a crafting guide,(not the guide) anda boss check list.  My favorite boss is Crabulon.  He drops glowing mushroom related weapons like the mycoroot, fungicide, and mycelial claws.  In expert mode he drops a tresure bag that holds an expert item called the fungal clump.  It is an accesory that summons a flying mushroom crab that attacks enimies and also gives you rapid life regen while attacking.  Calamity is a big mod and adds bosses that come after the Moonlord.

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