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The Blood Moon is an event in Terraria.


When night comes and it is a Blood Moon, a message saying "The Blood Moon is rising... " will appear in the bottom-left corner, and, rather than the regular night music, the "Eerie" song used in the Underworld and Meteorite will begin playing.

As the night progresses, the moon and sky will become progressively more red, an effect which peaks at midnight, and the water will be red. (added in 1.2)

The Conditions of a Blood Moon Rising

Each night has a one-in-nine chance of the Blood Moon rising when at least one of the players in the world has 120 or more health. The event can occur in normal mode.


Bez tytułu

Version 1.2 introduces blood-colored water.

During a Blood Moon, enemy spawn rates on the surface double, the ability of NPCs to reduce the spawn rate of nearby enemies is temporarily disabled, and the maximum number of enemies able to be spawned at once increases. It also becomes more difficult to keep NPCs safe, as Zombies gain the ability to open doors and Goldfish and Bunnies will turn corrupt. Do take note that the Blood Moon will not affect underground enemies.

Roughly 1 in 70 zombies spawned on a Blood Moon will be The Groom instead, and Doctor Bones becomes easier to find. If Hard Mode is activated, Blood Moons enable the spawning of Clowns as well.



Blood moon

Simple defense against a Blood Moon

If a 2x2 trench is dug in front of a door, Zombies are unable to open it because they cannot knock and jump simultaneously. If you are just starting out, it is a good idea to barricade your house by making sure that there is no way in for monsters (to this end, any blocks will do). An example of a simple barricade built for this purpose can be found to the right.

Another way to block out Zombies is to place a solid background object (ie. a Wood Platform) on the inside of a door, so that the door cannot open inwards. This way, you can open the door to leave the house easily enough, but Zombies will not be able to open it no matter how much they bang on it (NPCs can still use the doors effectively).

If you have access to a Mechanic, then you can simply use Active/Inactive Stone Blocks as your door. However, this does not count as a door for NPC houses. But, if you make a house where each room has a door to the inside of the house, the Active Stone Block will serve as a wall, and the NPCs will stay. When it is inactive, if you leave it for too long, the NPC will leave. 

However, the easiest and most effective way of blocking out zombies and other earth-bound monsters is to simply build your NPCs' houses suspended in the air (at least 10 blocks above the ground is recommended). If you do this, no further protection is necessary, as the enemies which can open doors or do not need doors cannot reach you, and the enemies which can reach you cannot open doors.


On the other hand, due to the increased rate of enemy spawning, fighting monsters on a Blood Moon is a great source of income, Lenses, and other materials. If you choose to fight on one of these nights, Silver Armor or better is recommended.


Players who do not want to fight, but want to collect drops from monsters on Blood Moons can do so by building a lava trap:

  1. Build a pit for the player to stand in and on top of.
  2. Place a roof that also is a pit 1 block thick.
  3. Fill it with 1 bucket of lava. Since monsters always try to reach the player, they will touch the lava and die.
  4. To test the pit, step in the lava. If damaged, the pit will function defensively.
  5. Throw an item in the pit. If the item is not destroyed, the pit is perfect.


  • A Blood Moon is the only time period that Deathweed will bloom and drop seeds.
  • Occasionally, some NPCs will sell items that are only normally purchasable on a Blood Moon during the daytime. This means that the night is going to be a Blood Moon.
  • It is possible to have a Blood Moon at the same time as a Full Moon. On Hard Mode worlds, this usually causes a swarm of Werewolves, which allows you to effectively farm the Moon Charm.
  • It is possible (albeit rare) to have a Blood Moon two nights in a row.
    • On the Mobile Versions, up to seven Blood Moons on consecutive nights have been known to happen.
  • Corrupt Bunnies can be farmed much more easily during a Blood Moon.
  • If it is raining and a Blood Moon occurs, the rain will become red.
    Red rain

    A picture of red rain during a Blood Moon.

During a Blood Moon, NPCs will display unique dialog:

  • Guide
    • "You can tell a Blood Moon is out when the sky turns red. There's something about it that causes monsters to swarm."
    • "Hey, buddy, do you know where any deathweed is? Oh, no reason; just wondering, is all."
    • "If you were to look up right now, you'd see that the moon is red."
    • "Am I about to DIE!?"
  • Merchant
    • "Hey, this house is secure, right? Right? [Player Name]?"
    • "Not even a Blood Moon can stop capitalism. Let's do some business."
    • "Keep your eye on the prize, buy a lens!"
  • Demolitionist
    • "I've got something for those zombies, alright!"
    • "There was a bomb sitting right here, now I can't seem to find it..."
    • "Hey, have you seen a Clown around?" (Hardmode only)
  • Dryad
    • "Dude, is it just me or is there like a million zombies out tonight?"
    • "I sell what I want, alright! If you don't like it, too bad."
    • "I don't want you to buy my stuff, I want you to want to buy my stuff, ok?"
    • "Why do you have to be so confrontational during a time like this?"
  • Arms Dealer
    • "I love nights like tonight. There's never a shortage of things to kill!"
    • "Man, it's a good night not to talk to anybody, don't you think, [Player Name?]"
  • Clothier
    • "[Player Name]... We have a problem! It's a Blood Moon out there!"
  • Nurse
    • "WHAT!?"
    • "Hurry up and stop bleeding."
    • "What's that supposed to mean?!"
    • "I don't think I like your tone."
  • Mechanic
    • "Oh, let me guess. Didn't buy enough wire. Idiot."
    • "I don't appreciate the way you're looking at me. I am WORKING right now."
    • "Just-could you just..Please? Ok? Ok. Ugh."
    • "All I want is for the switch to make the... What?!"
  • Stylist
    • "Tipping IS optional, but remember I have access to scissors and your head."
    • "This is a cut-throat razor by the way."
    • "You better stay outta my hair tonight, hun. I just sharpened my scissors, and i'm looking for an excuse to use them!"

During a Blood Moon, NPCs will also sell different items:


  • As of update 1.1, the Blood Moon has been given a more noticeable effect on friendly NPCs as well, primarily the female ones. Quotes from the Nurse, DryadStylist and Mechanic all seem to show hostility or annoyance and even bad stress when acknowledging the player, compared to other days/nights. This is possibly a joke using "Blood Moon" as a reference to the female NPCs' periods.
  • The Blood Moon event may be based off of an real world event, known as a Lunar Eclipse. During the eclipse, the Moon can sometimes gain a reddish tint to it. This also goes hand-in-hand with both the real life and other Terraria event, known as a Solar Eclipse.
  • The Blood Moon also may be based on one of the "Seven Signs of the Apocalypse" from the Bible, in which it states that ,"...on the 6th sign the moon will arise, showing the color of blood, bringing with it the demons that prowled the Earth, but were sealed away. Then they will feast on those who doubted...".

Update Info


  • Rain now turns blood-red during a Blood Moon


  • Water now turns blood-red during a Blood Moon.


  • The chance of a Blood Moon occurring on a random night was decreased from 1/7 to 1/9.

PC release

  • Added to the game.


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