Item 154
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Thrown Weapon
Damage? 22 Shuriken
Use Time 12 (Very Fast)
Knockback 4 (Weak)
Max Stack 999
Quality Tier 0
Dropped By Bones Family
Dark Caster
Cursed Skull
Drop Rate (1-3) / (2-6)
98.5% (197:200)
Sell Value 10 CopperCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Mechanical Skull
Necro Helmet
Necro Breastplate
Necro Greaves
Skull Lantern
Bone Door
Bone Work Bench
Bone Chair
Bone Block Wall
Rich Mahogany Piano
Ebonwood Piano
Shadewood Piano
Pearlwood Piano
Living Wood Piano
Glass Piano
Honey Piano
Frozen Piano
Steampunk Piano
Flesh Piano
Bone Table
Bone Bookcase
Bone Bed
Bone Bathtub
Bone Candelabra
Bone Chandelier
Bone Lamp
Bone Lantern
Titan Potion

The Bone is a thrown weapon and crafting material that is dropped by the Bones Family, Dark CasterCursed Skull and the Dragon Skull (console only) in the Dungeon. It has a 50% chance of breaking when thrown. Bones that don't break can be re-collected. This weapon is affected by gravity.


  • When repeatedly throwing a bone against a wall it can duplicate.

Update Info


  • New recipes added.
  • Furniture now crafted at Bone Welder.
  • Max stack increased to 999.



PC release

  • Added to the game.