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The Bones Family

The Bones Family was a variety of skeletons found in the Dungeon prior to 1.2 (Due to the deletion of Short Bones and Big Boned.) that consisted of Short Bones, Angry Bones, and Big Boned.

They follow the fighter AI, have Defense values ranging from 4 - 12 and HP Values of 89, 100, and 125 respectively. Short Bones and Angry Bones are also immune to the "On fire!" debuff. They drop coins, Bones and Golden Keys, which unlocks Gold Chests in the Dungeon.


  • As of the 1.2 update, the Big Boned and Short Bones no longer spawn, but more variants of Angry Bones spawn instead (Armor changes.)

Update Info


  • Big Boned and Short Bones no longer spawn, instead more variants of Angry Bones spawn instead.


  • Added to the game.

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