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Tiles 101   Item 354
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Crafting Station
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 99
Sell Value 60 CopperCoin Small 
Crafted With 20 Wood
10 Books
Crafted At Sawmill
For Recipes used with Bookcase, look here

A Bookcase is a furniture item and counts as a flat surface for NPC rooms. It allows you to stand on top of it or place other items on top, such as more Books or the Pink Vase. It is near double the height of the player and almost twice as wide. Bookcases are also used to enchant Spell Tomes, so it is a crafting station.

Terraria Book Case(01:30)


  • In the top-left corner of the bookshelf, you can see the Water Bolt, though it cannot be retrieved.
  • The number of Books in the player's inventory does not affect the number on the Bookcase.

Update Info




  • Changed crafting station to Sawmill.


  • Added to the game.
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