Boss Monsters are Monsters found rarely in Terraria that are much harder to kill than other monsters. Any boss monster generally has much stronger attacks than a normal enemy, more defense, and considerably higher HP ranging from 1000 to 145,500. In addition, most boss monsters have their own AI, allowing them set movements to go by. Since update 1.2, all bosses can drop a unique trophy (~10% drop rate) that can be placed on a wall for display.

Many bosses can be summoned by an item such as a Suspicious Looking Eye, Worm Food or Suspicious Looking Skull.

Certain bosses occasionally spawn themselves in when the player (or all players in a multiplayer world) meets certain criteria, differing with each boss. This will be announced with a creepy message at dusk, and about two minutes later the boss will spawn itself, even if the player is not ready, or even AFK. The bosses that spawn themselves in this manner are the Eye of Cthulhu, the Destroyer, Skeletron Prime, and the Twins. King Slime may also spawn itself but in a slightly different manner. The criteria and message for each boss can be found in their article.

Bosses in Alphabetical Order

  • (Mini) — Mini Boss
  • (Event) — Spawns only during Events
Arch Wyvern (Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 , Mini, Hard) Betsy (Event, Hard) Brain of Cthulhu Corrupt Mimic(Mini, Hard)
Crimson Mimic(Mini, Hard) Dark Mage (Event, Mini) Duke Fishron (Hard) Eater Of Worlds
Everscream (Event, Mini, Hard) Eye of Cthulhu Flying Dutchman (Event, Hard) Golem (Hard)
Goblin Summoner (Event, Mini, Hard) Hallowed Mimic (Mini, Hard) Ice Golem (Mini, Hard) Ice Queen (Event, Hard)
King Slime Lepus (Icon mobile ) Lunatic Cultist (Hard) Martian Saucer (Event, Hard)
Moon Lord(Hard) Mothron (Event, Mini, Hard) Mourning Wood (Event, Mini, Hard) Nebula Pillar (Event, Hard)
Ocram (Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 , Hard) Ogre (Event, Mini, Hard) Paladin (Mini, Hard) Pirate Captain (Mini, Event, Hard)
Plantera (Hard) Pumpking (Event, Hard) Queen Bee Santa-NK1 (Event, Hard)
Skeletron Skeletron Prime (Hard) Solar Pillar (Event, Hard) Stardust Pillar (Event, Hard)
The Destroyer (Hard) The Twins (Hard) Vortex Pillar (Event, Hard) Wall of Flesh
Wyvern (Mini, Hard)



Lunar Bosses

Event Bosses


Console Version

Mobile Version


  • Bosses will follow the character and kill the NPCs if they get close to them.
  • The Bosses' "roars" can be heard not only when they are summoned but also when they do an attack unique to them. (ex. When the Queen Bee charges from one side of the player to the other or when Skeletron spins his head)

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