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Item 31
Type Item
Sub-Type Material
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 99
Found In Chests
Sell Value 4 CopperCoin Small 
Material In Bottled Water
Lesser Healing Potion
Lesser Mana Potion
Bottled Honey
Star in a Bottle
Crafted With Makes 2
1 Glass
Crafted At Furnace
The Bottle is an item crafted at a furnace from glass. When a Bottle is placed on a Table, Work Bench, Tinkerer's Workshop or on a Wooden Platform, it turns them into an Alchemy Station allowing the player to craft potions. Standing in or near a body of water will allow you to craft Bottled Water.


  • Bottled Water sells for no more than an empty Bottle, so if you decide to farm sand to make into bottles to sell, making Bottled Water would have no point.
  • If you have 99 bottles, and then make 99 Bottled Water they will split into 4 stacks (30, 30, 30, 9).

Update Info


  • Lowered sell price from 20 CopperCoin Small down to 4 CopperCoin Small


  • Introduced.

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