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Terraria buffs
10 different buffs
4 different buffs: Gravitation, Spelunker, Archery, and Swiftness.

Buffs are an element first added to Terraria in patch 1.0.5.
They are temporary bonuses that increase the player's stats, or sometimes even grant special abilities such as walking on water. Buffs require certain items to activate, and, once activated, they will appear in the buffs bar in the upper-left corner of the screen.

A buff can be forcefully deactivated by right-clicking on its icon. Buffs of the same type do not stack--reactivating a buff will merely reset its duration. Also, only 10 buffs may be active at a single time. Activating an 11th buff will cause the one furthest to the left in the buffs bar to be instantly cancelled, and the new buff will effectively take its place.


Icon Name From Tooltip Duration Effect
Buff Archery Archery Archery Potion 20% increased arrow damage and speed 4 minutes +20% bow attack speed
+20% bow damage
Buff Ammo Box Ammo box Ammo Box 20% chance not to consume ammo. 10 minutes Consume 20% less ammo in ranged weapons.
Buff Battle Battle Battle Potion Increased enemy spawn rate 7 minutes +50% monster spawn rate
+100% monster spawn cap
Buff 99 Campfire Campfire Life regen is slightly increased As long as you are near a campfire Increased life regen
Buff Clairvoyance Clairvoyance Crystal Ball Magic powers are increased 10 minutes +20 maximum mana
+5% magic damage
+2% magic critical hit chance
-2% mana usage
Buff Featherfall Featherfall Featherfall Potion

Passive: Any Wings

Press up or down to control speed of descent 5 minutes Grants control over fall speed and grants immunity to fall damage.
Buff Gills Gills Gills Potion Breathe water instead of air 2 minutes User can breathe in water and lava (as of 1.2 you can breathe air while this is active)
Buff Gravitation Gravitation Gravitation Potion Press up to reverse gravity 3 minutes Grants control over gravity
Buff 100-1 Heart Lantern Heart Lantern Life regen is increased As long as you are near a heart lantern Increased life regen
Buff Hunter Hunter Hunter Potion Shows the location of enemies 5 minutes Causes enemies to glow
Ice Barrier Ice Barrier Frozen Turtle Shell Puts a shell around the owner when below 25% life that reduces damage As long as under 25% HP left Defence is increased by 30
Buff Invisibility Invisibility Invisibility Potion Grants invisibility 2 minutes Makes the user invisibile to other players
(but not to monsters)
Buff Ironskin Ironskin Ironskin Potion Increase defense by 8 5 minutes +8 defense
Buff Leaf Crystal Leaf Crystal Chlorophyte Armor Shoots leaves at nearby enemies While wearing Chlorophyte Armor Attacks nearby enemies with leaves
Buff Magic Power Magic Power Magic Power Potion 20% increased magic damage 2 minutes +20% magic damage
Buff Mana Regeneration Mana Regeneration Mana Regeneration Potion Increased mana regeneration 2 minutes Mana regeneration rate is slightly increased
Buff Night Owl Night Owl Night Owl Potion Increased night vision 4 minutes Grants night vision
Buff Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin Potion

Passive: Lava Charm (7sec)

Immune to lava 4 minutes User can enter lava without taking damage
Buff Regeneration Regeneration Regeneration Potion Provides life regeneration 5 minutes Health regeneration rate is slightly increased
Buff Shine Shine Shine Potion Emitting light 5 minutes Generates a moderate amount of light
Buff Spelunker Spelunker Spelunker Potion Shows the location of treasure and ore 5 minutes Causes ores, gems, chests, pots, crystal hearts and plants to glow.
Buff Swiftness Swiftness Swiftness Potion 25% increased movement speed 4 minutes +25% movement speed
Buff Thorns Thorns Thorns Potion Attackers also take damage 2 minutes Returns 50% of damage received to the attacker
Buff Water Walking Water Walking Water Walking Potion

Passive: Water Walking Boots

Press down to enter water 5 minutes User is able to walk on the surface of water and lava without getting hurt
Buff Well Fed Well Fed Bowl of Soup

Cooked Marshmallow
Pumpkin Pie
Other food gained from Present

Minor improvements to all stats 10 minutes

15 minutes while Pumpkin Pie

+1 defense
+1% critical hit chance
+5% melee speed
+5% melee damage
+10% magic damage
+10% movement speed
Buff Merfolk Merfolk [1] Neptune's Shell

Moon Shell

Can breathe and move easily underwater While underwater (not lava) Gains the abilities of a Merfolk
Buff Werewolf Werewolf [1] Moon Charm

Moon Shell

Physical abilities are increased During Night Increases physical abilities by +3
Buff 48 Honey Touching Honey. Life regeneration is increased. Constant while touching Honey.
Remains for 30 seconds after exiting Honey.
Health regeneration rate is slightly increased.
Rapidhealing Rapid Healing Inflicting damage while wearing Palladium Armour Life regeneration is greatly increased. 5 seconds Health regeneration rate is greatly increased.
Shadow Dodge Shadow Dodge Inflicting damage while wearing Titanium Armor Invincibility 20 seconds or being hit 2 seconds of Invincibility after being hit
  1. 1.0 1.1 The Merfolk and Werewolf buffs behave uniquely, as they are activated by wearing certain accessories. They must be cancelled by removing the associated accessory. They cannot be cancelled by right-clicking on their buff icons.

Pet Buffs

Icon Name From Tooltip Duration Effect
Buff Fairy Fairy Fairy Bell A fairy is following you Unlimited Generates a moderate amount of light
Shadow orb buff Shadow Orb Shadow Orb A magical orb that provides light Unlimited Generates a very small amount of light


  • The Campfire and Heart lamp buffs are seen as debuffs to the nurse, and will cost an extra 7 SilverCoin Small 50 CopperCoin Small when healing near a campfire or Heart Lantern.


Even though the Battle Potion and the Water Candle have similar functions, the former is a Buff and the latter is a Debuff.

Update Info


  • The Gills buff no longer causes you to drown while being out of water.


  • Added to the game.

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