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Bullets are the ammunition used by most guns. Each type of bullet has its own stats, and they are added to the stats of the gun using them to produce a final set of numbers used. For example, if a player is using Musket Balls, with 7 damage, and a Musket, with 23 damage, the base damage will be 30 to any successful target.

Damage, Knockback, and Velocity all vary among bullet type, and each bullet except for Musket Ball and Silver Bullet have a special effect.

There are currently 13 types of traditional bullets:

Bullet Type Damage Knockback Velocity Effect
Terraria Musket Ball
Musket Ball
7 2 4 N/A
Terraria Silver bullet
Silver Bullet
9 3 4.5 N/A
Terraria Meteor shot
Meteor Shot
9 1 3 Reflects off of walls and pierces enemies
Terraria Crystal Bullet
Crystal Bullet
9 1 5 Breaks into several shards
High Velocity Bullet
High Velocity Bullet
10 4 28 Increased traveling speed
Party Bullet
Party Bullet
10 5 5.1 Explodes into Confetti
Nano Bullet
Nano Bullet
10 5 5.1 Confusion
Exploding Bullet
Exploding Bullet
10 6.6 4.7 Explodes
Chlorophyte bullet
Chlorophyte Bullet
10 4.5 5 Homes in on nearest target
Golden Bullet
Golden Bullet
10 3.6 4.6 Causes enemies to drop more Coins
Cursed Bullet
Cursed Bullet
13 4 5 Cursed Inferno
Ichor Bullet
Ichor Bullet
13 4 5.25 Ichor debuff
Venom Bullet
Venom Bullet
15 4.1 5.3 Venom
Luminite Bullet
Luminite Bullet
20 3 2 Bullet trail deals damage and pierces enemies


  • All current bullet types have a 4% Critical Strike Chance. This is added to the CSC of the gun being used with the bullet.
  • All current bullet types can stack up to 999.
  • Crystal Bullets are the best type of bullet for damage, being exceptional in not only DPS, but also crowd control and ease of obtainment.
  • Chlorophyte Bullets are recommended for slow weapons, because it homes on the nearest target.

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