Bunnies are common, harmless creatures that spawn during the day and sometimes during the night. They do not inflict damage on players. They can be found anywhere on the surface of the map and sometimes Underground. Unlike most monsters, they can only make little hops of about 1 block high. Due to the fact that bunnies only have 5 Health, almost any attack can kill a bunny.
Terraria - Evil Bunny

Terraria - Evil Bunny

A Bunny yields a Bunny (Material) when caught with a Bug Net.

Once Vile Powder is thrown onto a bunny, or if it is a Blood Moon, it becomes a Corrupt Bunny, which can do damage to the player and has a 1/75 chance to drop a Bunny Hood on death.

Terraria Bunny 1082-feet-below

Bunnies found on depth 1082 feet below

If a player obtains a Carrot in the Collectors Edition of Terraria, a pet bunny will start to follow the player. Its color depends on the color of the players
Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.45.52 PM

Two Bunnies in the dungeon

Green Bunny

A Bunny wearing a slime costume during Halloween


  • As of update 1.2, Bunnies spawned from a Statue do not drop coins if they become corrupted due to a Blood Moon (though they can still drop Bunny Hoods).
  • Bunnies can now be captured and put in Bunny Cages.
  • (Mobile Version) If the Lepus had not been defeated, bunnies may randomly turn into a hostile mob called a Diseaster Bunny and attack, regardless of time.

    Two bunnies spawned in Underground, in Mushroom Biome

  • Sometimes, when the player is deep underground (usally near lava), the game may spawn bunnies around the cave as if the player was on the surface. This could cause players to look around for Bunny Statues. It is unknown what causes this.

Update Info


  • Bunnies can be captured with a Bug Net and be put in a Terrarium.
  • Bunnies can be killed by monsters.



  • Bunnies now wear costumes when it is Halloween.




  • Bunnies can now be killed.


  • Added to the game.

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