The Bunny Mount is summoned by using the Fuzzy Carrot which is a quest reward from the Angler. The player will get it upon completing their fifth quest. It's a pretty fast land mount and excels on long stretches of land or skybridges. The Sandstorm, Blizzard and Cloud in a Bottle items can be used while riding the mount, however as it cannot fly it does not negate falling damage. This mount is faster than a player without speed increasing items such as Hermes BootsSpectre BootsLightning BootsSwiftness Potion, etc.

Bunny Mount in use

Bunny Mount - Terraria Guide 1.201:35

Bunny Mount - Terraria Guide 1.2.4 New Mount! - GullofDoom


  • The buff description is "You are craving carrots".
  • If used when you have deployed your wings, it will use up all flaps and go into gliding.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.