The Chik is a Yo-Yo that can be crafted after hardmode is entered.


  • It is a good weapon to craft shortly after beginning hardmode, as it does fairly good damage for an early hardmode weapon and isn't too difficult to craft.
  • It does slightly less damage than the Night's Edge, and can be an alternative to the Crystal Storm.


  • This Yo-yo is one of the few available for purchase through One Drop Yoyos.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

Pre-Hard Mode
Item 3278(0) Wooden Yoyo Item 3285(0) Rally Item 3279(0) Malaise Item 3280(0) Artery
Item 3281(0) Amazon Item 3262(0) Code 1 Item 3317(0) Valor Item 3282(0) Cascade
Post-Hard Mode
Item 3315(0) Format:C Item 3316(0) Gradient Item 3283(0) Chik Item 3290(0) Hel-Fire
Item 3289(0) Amarok Item 3284(0) Code 2 Item 3286(0) Yelets Item 3287(0) Red's Throw
Item 3288(0) Valkyrie Yoyo Item 3291(0) Kraken Item 3292(0) The Eye of Cthulhu Item 3389(0) Terrarian