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The terraria config file is another way to edit your settings and access a couple of new ones like thick cursor pointer and invasion bar styles and thick cursor colors. You access the terraria config file by going to library-files-my games-terraria and there is a file named config click on that and select note pad so you can edit it and you can scroll through your settings.

These are your settings {

"SmartCursorToggle": true,

"MapEnabled": true,


  "InvasionBarMode": 2,

"AutoSave": true,

"AutoPause": false,

"Language": 1,

"PlacementPreview": true,

"GoreVisualsAllowed": true,

"VolumeSound": 0.218045115,

"VolumeAmbient": 0.142857149,

"VolumeMusic": 0.330827057,

"KeyUp": "W",

"KeyDown": "S",

"KeyLeft": "A",

"KeyRight": "D",

"KeyJump": "Space",

"KeyThrowItem": "T",

"KeyInventory": "Escape",

"KeyQuickHeal": "H",

"KeyQuickMana": "J",

"KeyQuickBuff": "B",

"KeyUseHook": "E",

"KeyAutoSelect": "LeftShift",

"KeySmartCursor": "LeftControl",

"KeyMount": "R",

"KeyMapStyle": "Tab",

"KeyFullscreenMap": "M",

"KeyMapZoomIn": "Add",

"KeyMapZoomOut": "Subtract",

"KeyMapAlphaUp": "PageUp",13:42 08/08/2015

"KeyMapAlphaDown": "PageDown",

"Fullscreen": true,

"WindowMaximized": false,

"DisplayWidth": 1280,

"DisplayHeight": 720,

"GraphicsQuality": 3,

"BackgroundEnabled": true,

"FrameSkip": true,

"LightingMode": 0,

"LightingThreads": 0,

"MouseColorR": 140,

"MouseColorG": 18,

"MouseColorB": 161,

"Parallax": 1.0,

"ShowItemText": true,

"LastLaunchedVersion": 155,

"ClientUUID": "18ee42ee-fa22-4398-9fb8-4f5539ffb6f4",

"UseSmartCursorForCommonBlocks": false,

"UseSmartAxeAfterSmartPickaxe": false,

"UseSmartWallReplacement": true,

"DisableLeftShiftTrashCan": false,

"HighlightNewItems": true,

"HidePasswords": false,

"ThickMouseEdges": false,

"ThickMouseEdgesPackedColor": 4294967295,

"ReverseUpDownForArmorSetBonuses": false,

"CloudSavingDefault": false