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v Copper Shortsword
Item 6 copper
Type Weapon
Sub-Type Shortsword
Damage (?) 5 Damagetype melee
Use Time 12 (Very Fast)
Knockback 4 (Weak)
Sell Value 70 CopperCoin Small 
Crafted With 7 Copper Bars
Crafted At Iron Anvil
Lead Anvil
This page is for the shortsword. For the broadsword, see Copper Broadsword.

The Copper Shortsword is the sword that your character first spawns with. It is the first and lowest-level Shortsword, crafted with 7 Copper Bars at an Iron Anvil. It is recommended to replace this weapon as soon as possible with a Wooden Sword, as the Copper Shortsword is the worst sword for battle because of its short range and low power. Aside from the draw back of its attack pattern, it is akin to a very small one direction spear.

This sword has a very fast attack speed and does 5 damage. Being a Shortsword, its attacking motion is fired directly in front of the player, hindering the player's ability to hit flying enemies like a Demon Eye.


  • Characters who die on Mediumcore mode will spawn with a new version of this item, even if they had one in their inventory at the time of death. This can include the weapon having a new prefix.
  • Statistically, this is the weakest sword in the game.

Update Info


  • Newly created characters now spawn with this.


  • Introduced.
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