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NPC 418
Type Monster
HP 600 Heart / 1200 Heart
Attack 70 / 140
Defense 26
Spawn Time Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode)
Moon Lord Core (Celestial Event)
Spawn Area Surface
(Near Solar Pillar)
Banner(?) Corite Banner

Corites are an enemy that spawn after defeating the Lunatic Cultist, near the Solar Pillar. Corites float up slowly from the ground and move steadily toward the player. Once within range, they catch fire and dash directly at the player. Corites can pass through walls and have an extremely short cooldown on their dash attack, making them very dangerous at close range or in tight spaces.


  • Corium is material that is formed as a side effect of a nuclear meltdown. It is comprised of a mix of nuclear fuel and core materials in the form of a lava. It is likely that Corite is an allusion to the same material- though it may also simply be an allusion to the Earth's core.

Update Info


  • Fixed Corites not charging at players who are unreachable.


  • Added to the game.

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