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Product Components Brief description (see the associated article for more details)
Item 1353 - Flask of Cursed Flames Melee attacks inflict enemies with cursed flames.
Item 1354 - Flask of Fire
Item 1745 - Hellstone (5)
Melee attacks set enemies on fire.
Flask of gold - Flask of Gold
Item 13485 - Gold Dust (5)
Melee attacks make enemies drop more gold.
Item 1356 - Flask of Ichor
Item 13325 - Ichor (5)
Melee attacks decrease enemies defense.
Item 1357 - Flask of Nanites
Item 13465 - Nanites (5)
Melee attacks confuse enemies.
Item 1358 - Flask of Party
Item 13455 - Confetti (5)
Melee attacks cause confetti to appear.
Item 1359 - Flask of Poison
Item 2095 - Stingers (5)
Melee attacks poison enemies.
Item 1340 - Flask of Venom Melee attacks inflict venom on enemies.

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