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Type Monster
HP 100 Heart
Attack 20
Defense 10
Spawn Area Anywhere along with Brain of Cthulhu.
2-5 Tissue Sample 60%
2-9 Crimtane Ore 50%
Heart 50%

Creepers are fast flying mobs that will spawn whenever the Brain of Cthulhu is summoned. They will follow the Brain of Cthulhu as it moves around, but occasionally swarm to the player, making it a threat to players without Broadswords or ranged weapons like Bows. There are around 10-20 Creepers following Brain of Cthulhu. They have 100 HP each. The Brain of Cthulhu is invulnerable until all the Creepers are killed. Most of the time, they drop 2-5 Tissue Samples on death.


  • Despite the similarity in naming, the Creeper, Jungle Creeper and Wall Creeper all bear no resemblance and also offer no reference to Minecraft or anything included in Minecraft.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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