v Creeper Costume
Terraria Creeper Costume
Type Vanity Item
Sub-Type Vanity Set
Body Slot Helmet/Shirt/Pants Slots (Full Set)
Quality Tier 0
Found In Goodie Bags
Sell Value 1 GoldCoin Small 80 SilverCoin Small
This item cannot be crafted.

The Creeper Costume is a vanity set added in the Halloween Update. It can be obtained from Goodie Bags which are dropped by monsters during Halloween. This costume set consists of: Creeper MaskCreeper Shirt, and Creeper Pants.


  • The Creeper Costume is a direct reference to the Creeper monster in Minecraft, Re-Logic was given permission by Markus "Notch" Persson to include the reference in the game.
    • Despite the similarity in naming, the Creeper, Jungle Creeper and Wall Creeper all bear no resemblance and also offer no reference to Minecraft or anything included in Minecraft.
  • The Creeper Costume is the only vanity set that has 4 legs.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.