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v179Crimson Axe
Type Monster
Sub Type Enchanted Weapon
HP 200 Heart
Attack 80
Defense 18
Spawn Time Hard Mode
Spawn Area The Crimson
Immune To Poisoned
On Fire
Cursed Inferno
Banner(?) Crimson Axe Banner
10 SilverCoin Small? 100%
Nazar 1%
Meat Grinder 0.5%

The Crimson Axe is a floating axe monster found in the Underground Crimson. It is the Crimson's variation of the Cursed Hammer (The Corruption) and Enchanted Sword (The Hallow).


  • This enemy is the Crimson version of the Corruption's Cursed Hammer and the Hallow's Enchanted Sword, as it has the same AI, stats, and abilities.


Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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