v1585Crowno's Wings
Item 1585   Wings 18
Type Accessory
Sub-Type Wings
Body Slot Accessory Slot
Flight Height Tier 4 (154 ft)
Quality Tier 9
Tooltip Great for impersonating devs!
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

Crowno's Wings are an item that can be found in expert mode treasure bags (gained by killing any boss in expert mode). Each bag opened has a 5% chance of spawning one of the many developer sets, Crowno's Outfit and Crowno's Wings included.

Crowno's wings00:20

Crowno's wings


  • This set of wings has a light purple hue with a dark purple arch.
  • Prior to 1.3 wearing this item will cause the Cursed, Blackout, Burning, Slow, Confused and Weak Debuffs which will cause death to the player. 4/6 of these can be countered using the Ankh Charm/Ankh Shield, leaving only Burning and blackout.
  • Crowno's Wings can also be Reforged like every other Accessory, and it will cost only 1 CopperCoin Small.

Update Info


  • Now obtainable. No longer inflicts debuffs.


  • Added to the game.