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v34Cursed Skull
Cursed Skulls
Type Monster
HP 40 Heart
Attack 35
Defense 6
Spawn Area Dungeon
Inflicts Cursed
Immune To Poisoned, On Fire!
1 SilverCoin Small 50 CopperCoin Small ? 100%
Golden Key 1.5%
1-3 Bones 98.5%
Nazar 1%

Cursed Skulls are a mob added in the 1.0.5 update that spawn in the Dungeon. They replace the Burning Skulls from versions 1.0.4 and below. These enemies float around with the ability to sink through walls and then pop back out; they suffer no weapon knockback effects, causing inexperienced or slow-attacking players to die more easily. They move in a sweeping motion once in range and never directly move towards the player once within range. These mobs can be very annoying if too many spawn. Their bodies flash through different colors as they move, possibly representing the magic they possess. A good tactic for fighting these would be to wait for them to begin swooping towards you then move or jump in the opposite direction of their movements, sidestepping them, or using wall-piercing items such as the Vilethorn or Dark Lance. In this instance it is one of the only ways the Dark Lance can be used to penetrate walls, or the player could use a ranged weapon with good knockback (a long sword in the right position could also work). This also works similar with dragon skulls. Once within range, the Cursed Skull will track the player's movements; using fast speed, wide-sweeping weapons will be useful when multiple Skulls are tracking you. Another helpful idea would be to use a Thorns Potion, but be wary when using as you will still take damage. As of 1.0.6, Cursed Skulls now have a chance to debuff the player with Cursed on hit, preventing them from using any items for 3 seconds.


  • Cursed Skulls emit a fairly small amount of blue light when hit.

Update Info


  • Now has a chance to drop the Nazar accessory.


  • Can now inflict the Cursed debuff.
  • No longer immune to knockback.
  • Now has a chance to drop a Golden Key, though will more often drop 1-3 Bones.


  • Won't make a splash sound when hitting water.
  • Name changed from "Burning Skull" to "Cursed Skull".
  • Sprite modified.
  • Flaming animation removed.
  • Now able to pass through walls.
  • Health increased to 40 from 30.
  • Damage increased to 35 from 25.
  • Defense decreased to 6 from 30.

PC release

  • Added to the game.


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