This item is found only in the mobile version(s) of Terraria.
v Cursed Stuffing
Cursed Stuffing
Type Item
Max Stack 99
Consumable Yes
Quality Tier 8
Tooltip It pulses with malevolent energy
Dropped By Monsters
Drop Rate 14.29% (1:7)
Sell Value none
This item cannot be crafted.

The Cursed Stuffing is an item which is used to summon Turkor the Ungrateful. The pet summoned by the Turkey Feather is required to be present before the boss can be summoned using this item, however. It can only be dropped by any monster during the Thanksgiving season.


  • On the Android and iOS versions, this item shows up as being Tier 0.

Update Info

Icon mobile v1.1.6255

  • Added to the game.