The Cute Fishron mount is summoned with a Shrimpy Truffle. It is quite slow on land (33 mph), but when in the water its speed increases significantly (80 mph). Being in the water also grants the player a 15% damage bonus. It features unlimited flight time, something shared only with the Flying Drill and UFO mounts.


  • The bonus from contact with water lasts for a short time after leaving water.
  • It is highly recommended to fly when using this mount rather than "walking" on the ground, as this slows the Cute Fishron to a crawl. It is worthy of note that touching any ground blocks will cause this.
  • Falling rain from rain clouds or general weather will not trigger the bonuses tied to this mount.
  • Water stored in Bubbles will trigger bonuses tied to this mount when passing through them, and can be used to great effect in arenas with this mount.
  • The movement and damage bonuses also activate automatically when the player's health is 50% or lower, regardless of immersion in water.
  • When immersed in water, the color of Cute Fishron's eyes will change based on the biome the water is in, and even in events such as a Bloodmoon, which turns water red.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.