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v218Cyan Beetle
Cyan Beetle
Type Monster
Rarity Very Rare
HP 40 Heart
Attack 18
Defense 2
Variety Beetle
Spawn Area Snow Biome (Underground)
Banner(?) Cyan Beetle Banner
55 CopperCoin Small? 100%
Cyan Husk 100%

The Cyan Beetle is a pre-hardmode enemy found in the underground Snow Biome. It drops Cyan Husks, which are used to make Cyan Dye. It has a normal biome cousin, the Cochineal Beetle and the jungle's Lac Beetle. All of them are quite rare and it is recommended to use a Battle Potion and a Water Candle to attract as many as possible. They are easy to miss because they are very small and blend in well with their environment, so it's advised to use a Hunter Potion.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


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