Death Messages are messages that are shown at the bottom left-hand of the screen and are there to either describe a players' death, or to humiliate the player when their character dies in any way. This can be anything from drowning, to burning in lava, etc... Regardless of your selected character's difficulty, he/she will release a Tombstone upon death. The tombstone will have the death message corresponding to the message at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Players may edit the text on tombstones.

If you attempt to summon two bosses within a short period of time, you will be killed - followed by a death message without any explanation of your death. This action results in neither enemy appearing on your screen.


Currently known death messages

Terraria Death Messages Shark Food

A death message found in the bottom-left of the screen; this one indicating a death by drowning.


  • Player left a small crater.
  • Player discovered gravity.
  • Player didn't bounce.
  • Player faceplanted the ground.
  • Player fell victim to gravity.
  • Player fell to their death.
  • Player hit the ground face first


  • Player is shark food.
  • Player forgot to breathe.
  • Player is sleeping with the fish.
  • Player drowned.
  • Player thought he was a fish


  • Player likes to play in magma.
  • Player got melted.
  • Player tried to swim in lava.
  • Player was incinerated.

Status Ailments

  • Player couldn't put the fire out (Dying from Fire damage.)
  • Player couldn't find the antidote (Dying from Poison damage.)
  • Player couldn't contain the watts (Dying from Electrocuted damage.)


  • Player exploded.
  • Player had a mining accident.
  • Player forgot to run.
  • Player was destroyed by Player's Explosive.
  • Player was turned into a pile of flesh by Player's Explosives.


  • Player was decapitated by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was impaled by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was torn in half by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player had his/her face torn off by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player's entrails were ripped out by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was destroyed by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player's skull was crushed by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was murdered by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was cut down the middle by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player watched their innards become outards by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player's plead for death was answered by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player's flailing about was finally stopped by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player's extremities were de-attached by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was eviscerated by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was turned into a pile of flesh by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was removed from World's Name by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player's Meat was ripped off the bone by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was brutally dissected by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was ionized by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player let their arm get torn off by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.
  • Player was chopped up by Player/Mob/PvP's Weapon/Ammo.

Attempted to summon two of the same bosses at the same time

  • Player was destroyed.
  • Player was turned into pile of flesh.
  • Player got snapped in half.
  • Player was murdered.
  • Player was mangled.
  • Player's vital organs were ruptured.
  • Player's plead for death was answered.
  • Player's innards were made outards.


When using Gravitation Potion and landing on dungeon spikes upside down, or you summon the Eye of Cthulhu when he was already spawned or during the day, the death message will be as following:

  • Player's skull was crushed.
  • Player's body was mangled.

If the Wall of Flesh reaches the far end of the world or if you die while fighting the Wall of Flesh, you will get this death message:

  • Player was licked.

​If a player uses the Magic Mirror while battling the Wall of Flesh, the player dies and the death message appears:

  • Player tried to escape.

When whacking a Demon Altar with a normal hammer or with anything in an easy-mode world until the player dies they will get the following message:

  • Player

If a player died from the "Vile Spit" projectile fired by a Corruptor, the message will be:

  • Player turned corrupt.

If the player dies from meteorite or hellstone (by burning) it will say all possible things but not what killed the player. Example: Player was torn in half.

If the game can't figure out exactly what killed you, or if multiple things killed you, then the message will be:

  • Player was slain...

(This is also the death message of any NPC)

If the player dies by overusing the Rod of Discord while the Chaos State debuff is still activate the message will be:

  • Player didn't materialize.
  • Player's legs appeared where his/her head should be


Unknown Messages will be shown here, that have been seen, but the reasoning has not been discovered.

  • Player was seen by them. (EoC, Wandering eyes, or the Twins' lasers maybe?)
  • Player was slain by corruption (Possibly the player was killed by thorns in the corruption)
  • Player was slain by... (Unfinished message?)
  • Player is sitting with corruption (Also could be from thorns in the corruption)
  • Player was deleted by him (Redigit, the creator of the game?)

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