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Demon Altar

Last edited on March 19, 2014
by Mariozplaze
v Demon Altar
Demon Altar
Type Furniture
Sub-Type Crafting Station
Found In The Corruption
Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.
The Demon Altar is a crafting station that can be found in Chasms in the Corruption, Underground, and exceedingly rare in water above ground or in Dungeons. They are the counterpart to Crimson Altars.

The Demon Altar is used to create the following items:

Terraria - How to get new ores and destroy demon altars (01:25, 76004 views)

As of v1.1 it is possible to destroy these Altars with the Pwnhammer dropped from the Wall of Flesh. Destroying them "blesses" your world with one of the three new ores in two possible groups: Cobalt Ore, Mythril Ore, or Adamantite Ore in the first group. and Palladium Ore, Orichalcum Ore, or Titanium Ore in the second group, (each ore rotating in that order). Blessing your world turns any type of block that is usually generated with pre-Hardmode ore (from the Underground or below) into the new ores and places one Pearlstone Block and Ebonstone Block randomly in the stone layer (this means that if you built a dirt/stone path to fight the Wall of Flesh, ore could spawn in it). By destroying more Altars, your world will get more of the new ores, but every 4th Altar spawns fewer ores than before.

The only way to destroy a Demon Altar is to use a Pwnhammer or stronger within a Hardmode world. Attempting to destroy a Demon Altar with a weaker Hammer than the Pwnhammer or in a pre-Hardmode world will deal damage approximately equal to half of your current health (affected by armor) and leave the Altar unaffected.


  • When an Altar is broken and the world is blessed with an ore, the quantity of spawned ore will be (Ore spawned first time) / (Number of times world has been blessed with ore). So, if the first Demon Altar spawned 10,000 ores, the second (Actually 4th because of ore cycling) will only spawn ~5,000, the third ~3,300, the fourth ~2,500 and so on. Because of this, it may be wise to destroy only a few Altars because while the ore spawning is less effective, the world still converts random stone tiles into Ebonstone or Pearlstone, rendering both [biomes] less controllable. Also, it may be wise to always keep at least one Altar in any given world to retain the crafting ablities.
  • If the Demon Altar spawns on Sand and you break the blocks under the sand, the Demon Altar can be destroyed without the Pwnhammer. However, your world will not be blessed by Altars destroyed in this way.
  • The Demon Altar creates a small flicker of purplish brownish light that can be used to help locate them.
  • Demon Altars can sometimes spawn in the Ocean, but this is very unlikely.
  • Destroying a Demon Altar is directly associated with Wraiths spawning.
  • Demon Altars do not spawn or respawn; there are a set number when the world is generated.
  • Demon Altars can not be picked up after their destruction, as they simply vanish.
  • Once you destroy all Demon Altars in a world, you will no longer be able to obtain any more of the Hardmode ores or anything that requires a Demon Altar as a crafting station, so be sure that you don't break all of them.
  • In update 1.2 there is a chance for your world to have Palladium, Orichalcum and Titanium or the old ores, but you are most likely to have a mix.
  • Making the platform under a Demon Altar inactive with an Actuator will break the Altar without blessing your world.
  • With a Pwnhammer you can only destroy a Demon Altar in Hardmode worlds. So don't go in a different world unless it's in Hardmode.


  • It appears that all Demon Altars spawn within a very thin window of depth, only several blocks tall. Digging a horizontal tunnel through the map, albeit very time-consuming especially in large worlds (8400*2*3 blocks without holes), would allow one to find every Altar.
  • In Alpha, Demon Altars were also used to make certain Armors.
  • If you try to break a Demon Altar while you're in pre-Hardmode or with a Molten Hamaxe or lower, you will get damaged as stated earlier, but if killed, the Death Message says only your name: <Player Name>.
  • It would appear that in 1.1 worlds, Demon Altars are spawned in amounts divisible by 3.
  • Sometimes, mostly in the Corruption (maybe only in the Corruption), a block may spawn stuck inside a Demon Altar (such as Demonite Ore or Ebonstone blocks). If this Altar is hit with a Hammer, it will disappear, the world will not be blessed, and you will be hurt. This can also happen with Altars which are missing parts due to a graphical glitch.
  • Demon Altars are normally easier to find in the Corruption due to a possible increased spawn rate and vast caves. Multiple Altars can be found easily inside the Chasms. However, sometimes Demon Altars can (but rarely) be found elsewhere outside of the corruption biome.
  • When a world is blessed with any ore, it may even spawn in your screen.


  • Will sometimes be invisible, or missing blocks of it, but can still be mined and will still give off a faint glow, even when invisible.
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    When using Purification Powder on a Demon Altar, even outside of Hardmode, the Demon Altar is destroyed.
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    Using the Ice Rod on a Demon Altar will destroy it. Breaking it this way will create new ore in the world.
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    Demon Altars may spawn in midair.

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