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v56Demonite Ore
Item 56
Type Item
Sub-Type Ore
Placeable Yes
Max Stack 999
Quality Tier 1 (Blue)
Tooltip Pulsing with dark energy.
Dropped By Eater of Worlds
Eye of Cthulhu
Sell Value 8 SilverCoin Small 
This item cannot be crafted.
Material In Demonite Bar
Demonite Brick
"Demonite" redirects here. For the bar, see Demonite Bar.

Demonite Ore can be mined with a Gold Pickaxe (or better) and bombs; however, if the Demonite Ore is above ground level, it can be mined with any pickaxe. Demonite Ore that is found in the ground glows faintly, giving it away amongst the darkness of the underground. Demonite Ore is more commonly found in the Corruption. Normally Demonite Ore is found in clumps of three or four. In the Corruption, this number can increase. It is confirmed that it can be found in normal caves.


Upon attaining mid-tier items, an easy way to get large amounts of Demonite Ore is to create multiple Suspicious Looking Eyes to summon and defeat the Eye of Cthulhu as it will always drop at least 30 Demonite Ore (often more). A similar, more profitable operation can also be undertaken with the Eater of Worlds; though it can only be summoned in the Corruption, the parts for its summoning material (worm food) are much more common. In addition to the 20-60 Demonite Ore dropped upon defeating the Eater, each section drops 2-5 Demonite Ore, and can add up to a grand total of over a stack upon defeating it (also note that the Eater of Worlds will drop shadow scales). These methods can also be used to get coins fast for items such as the Illegal Gun Parts. Hellstone Bars have higher profits, but are also more dangerous to acquire.

When placed, it emits the same particle effect as Ebonstone Blocks.

In 1.2 , upon world spawning it may be replaced by Crimtane Ore if the world has The Crimson.


Update Info


  • Now stacks to 999.


  • Introduced.
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