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Terraria Desert Background Scenery Landscape
The Desert is a biome composed mostly of Sand Blocks. Cacti and Waterleaf grow in this biome. Antlions, Vultures, and Mummies(hardmode) also spawn in the Desert.

The Desert biome has a 1/10 chance to spawn a Desert Pyramid.

The desert finally became a major biome because of its underground ego as of This includes the Antlion Charger and Antlion Swarmer, both of which drop Antlion Mandibles.


In Hardmode, Pearlsand and Crimsand/Ebonsand will appear when The Hallow, The Crimson or The Corruption spread into a desert. These blocks spread Hallow/Crimson/Corruption to other sand blocks, eventually creating converted biomes such as a Hallowed or a Corrupt/Crimson Desert. The two Hardmode deserts are different in several ways from a normal desert:

  • The background changes.
  • Light or Dark Mummies spawn in the Hallowed and the Corrupt/Crimson Desert, respectively.
  • Stylized Cacti grow, while not changing in function (they still drop the Cactus item when destroyed).

Update Info


  • Sandstorm weather occurrence added, with exclusive enemies and new soundtrack.


  • Underground Desert added.


  • Desert has its own music track.


  • Cacti no longer cause knockback making running through a desert less of a hassle.
  • Deserts now spawn slightly further away from spawn.


  • Surface Jungles have been enlarged and will override deserts. (requires new world)


  • Sand no longer spawns within a certain distance of a spawn location. This should remove the chance of spawning in a desert with no wood to use.

PC release

  • Added to the game.

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