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NPC 20
Type NPC
Sub Type Town
HP 250 Heart
Defense 15

The Dryad is a NPC (Non-playable character) that will move into an empty house once you've killed a boss. The easiest bosses to kill would be the Eye of Cthulhu or the Eater of Worlds. The Dryad reveals in conversation that she is 500 years old. She's one of six female NPCs, the other ones being the Nurse, the Steampunker, the Party Girl, the Stylist, and the Mechanic. The Dryad can tell you the percentage of Corruption/Crimson vs. Hallow in the world. She does not drop any items upon death.

Terraria Dryad01:35

Terraria Dryad


Item Price Special Conditions
Purification Powder 75 CopperCoin Small None
Vile Powder 1 SilverCoin Small Bloodmoon Icon (Blood Moon)
Grass Seeds 20 CopperCoin Small None
Corrupt Seeds/Crimson Seeds 5 SilverCoin Small

Bloodmoon Icon (Blood Moon)(Corresponding to the world)

Sunflower 2 SilverCoin Small None
Acorn 10 CopperCoin Small None
Dirt Rod 20 GoldCoin Small None
Pumpkin Seed SilverCoin Small 50 CopperCoin Small None
Grass Wall 10 CopperCoin Small None
Flower Wall 10 CopperCoin Small None
Jungle Wall 10 CopperCoin Small (Hardmode)
Hallowed Seeds 20 SilverCoin Small (Hardmode)
Dryad Coverings 3 GoldCoin Small Halloween
Dryad Loincloth 3 GoldCoin Small Halloween
Mushroom Grass Seeds 1 SilverCoin Small50 CopperCoin Small Dryad must live in a mushroom biome
Sparkly Wings(Console only) 40 GoldCoin Small Bloodmoon Icon (Blood Moon)
and Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode)


  • She appears to be wearing no clothes, but instead vines.
  • She is the only NPC that the Truffle trusts.
  • No matter if your world has Crimson or Corruption in it, she will always, when asked for the world status, say it is x% corrupt (no longer true due to newer versions).
    • She'll say "You should try harder." even if you have 0% world corrupted and hallowed.
  • In one quote where she calls the Truffle NPC a "fun guy" it is a pun on the word "fungi" since the Truffle is a mushroom, a type of fungi.
  • She doesn't move in if Lepus is killed even though it's a boss.


2013-08-01 00003

Dryad saying that a world is 0% corrupt even though there are 4 corruptions spotted.

  • Sometimes, the Dryad will tell you that your world is 0% corrupt, even when it has Corruption in it.

Update Info


  • Has new quotes when the world is either really corrupt or really hallow


  • No longer gives Pumpkin Seeds away for free, she sells them for 2 Silver and 50 Copper.




  • Is now assigned a randomly generated name when spawned.


  • Introduced.

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