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v288Dungeon Spirit
NPC 288
Type Monster
Rarity Uncommon
HP 200 Heart
Attack 70
Defense 30
Spawn Time Pwnhammer Icon (Hard Mode)
Sun Moon CharmNew (Anytime)
Spawn Area Dungeon Guardian Dungeon
Banner(?) Dungeon Spirit Banner
5 SilverCoin Small? 100%
1-4 Ectoplasm 100%

The Dungeon Spirit is a monster that spawns when any monster with 100 HP or more is killed inside a Dungeon in Hard Mode after killing Plantera at 6.67% (1/15) chance. They are capable of moving through walls and will chase the player until it dies. The Dungeon Spirit has a smaller chance of spawning during a Blood Moon. As they are the only source of Ectoplasm, any caster should go hunt them as soon as possible since Ectoplasm is needed to make Spectre Armor.

Update Info


  • Decreased spawning chance.


  • Decreased spawning chance. Max Ectoplasm drop reduced to 2.


  • Added to the game.


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