Duplication (also known as duping) is a process by which the player creates multiple copies of an item using an exploit or glitch.


  • Using any of these methods may rapidly make the game less enjoyable — use at your own risk.
  • Many players of Terraria do not support duplication when playing single player but will use it for PvP. Duping Fallen Stars is very useful for using the Star Cannon.

Duplication on Mobile

  1. Put anything you want to dupe in your inventory.
  2. Exit the world.
  3. Backup the character with the items.
  4. Go back into the world and put items in a chest.
  5. Exit the world then reenter with original character.
  6. (Optional) Delete the character with the empty inventory.

This does not really use a glitch or a bug, but it is pretty effective.

Chest Duplication

  1. Have two players in the same world with a chest.
  2. Have the item(s) you want to dupe in the chest.
  3. The host should then go into the pause menu and tap exit but then do not tap anything when the prompt comes up.
  4. Have Player two take the items from the chest.
  5. The host then has to close the game, not the world, and then turn the game back on and go back in the world.

Player two will still have the items but the same items will still be in the chest. There are now two, (or two sets) of the item(s) you duplicated. This works on mobile.

Duplication on PC


  1. Start a Terraria server with the TerrariaServer file in your Terraria folder.
  2. Join your server.
  3. Create a chest with the items you want to duplicate in it.
  4. On the server console, type "save".
  5. When it is done saving, go to the chest and take the items.
  6. Disconnect from the server.
  7. On the server console, type "exit-nosave".
  8. Your items will be in the chest and in your inventory.


  1. Ensure autosave is off.
  2. Visit a friend and drop off any stuff you want to be duplicated.
  3. Exit without saving, then have them invite you back. You will rejoin with all of your original items, and the items you dropped will still be there, waiting to be picked up.

Multiplayer Optional

  1. Join a multiplayer or friends world.
  2. Drop the item you want to duplicate without standing on top of it.
  3. Fill up your inventory.
  4. Stand over the object and hold down shift and click an item you want to put into your portable trash can, and the item should be duplicated multiple times (item may be on the ground and freeing up space in your inventory causes multiples to be created).
  5. To pick up the item just in case it bugs/glitches, move away from the item, free up space in your inventory and then walk over to the item and pick it up.
  • This still works since October 26, 2013.
  • Duplicating items this way and putting them in chests may make the chest become buggy and unusable as it will make the chest look like it lost some of its properties of storage.
  • The chest if cleared and destroyed may fix this, however, it still may be possible for the chest to make the world you put the duplicate items in bugged and broken, thus making it unloadable.
  • Make a backup save before doing anything with this duplication as long as it doesn't involve a chest.
  • Using a Safe or Piggy Bank does not cause this bug/glitch to happen.
  • It is also unknown of what causes this to happen (for now).
  • the issue may be due to lag or possibly certain settings, may also be caused by a character made before a certain patch or from the first release. (tested with other new characters and only works with the 1 character)

Chest Duplication

Ice Rod

  1. Place a storage object that can hold items.
  2. Fill the container with any item(s).
  3. Use the Ice Rod on a corner of the storage.
  4. Use a Pickaxe to break the container.
  5. Enjoy infinite storage.


Terraria Chest Glitch

The chest glitch setup

  1. Place any chest on top of at least one Active Stone Block.
  2. Place any item(s) in the chest.
  3. Use Wire to connect the active stone to a timer.
  4. Activate the timer.
  • the chest duplication bug was fixed in 1.2, but there is another way that wasn't (2nd photo).

Liquid Duplication

WaterLava Duplication

The pumps and wire for the water/lava generator.

Pumps Method

Using pumps, you can make a duplicator which will automatically make more Water or Lava. To do this, you will need an Inlet Pump, an Outlet Pump, water/lava, Wire and a Timer. Connect the Wire to the Timer and both pumps. Activate the timer and wait.

Blocks Method (very simple)

This method for duplicating liquid is a fast, cheap, and easy alternative to the pump systems or vast chambers. First, find a flat surface of blocks 13 blocks wide. Next, dig an 11 block wide, one block deep trench in the surface. You should have block+++++++++++block. Pour a bucket of fluid into the trench so that the liquid spreads evenly throughout the trench. Now dig out the block in the center (make sure there's something under it!), with 5 blocks on either side. The fluid should fill up the block you dug out, but keep a thin layer of liquid on the 5 blocks to either side. It will take a bit to fill up, more noticeably with lava, but you must wait until it is completely full to collect more liquid. Once the block is full of liquid, use your bucket to take more as many times as you like! You can also make it better/safer by placing planks above your lava generator so as to not take damage, or by installing it in your ceiling and reaching up to take it. Just remember to never replace any of the blocks with liquid in them.

Note: Once the middle block has been removed and its space has been filled with water, you can remove the block under it and the water will continue pouring at a slow pace. A battery of these generators can fill up a man-made lake fairly quickly. Also useful for Obsidian farming (keep in mind that you don't want the water to drop directly into lava as it will disappear instead of forming obsidian, you need to make at least a tiny body of water to pour onto lava).

  • Note that this method has not yet worked with honey, probably due to its slow flow speed.

Refilling the Ocean (Video)

Terraria - Infinite Water Bug, refilling the Ocean

Terraria - Infinite Water Bug, refilling the Ocean

Infinite Water Shaft

This method is done by placing water in a deep enough shaft. The top of the shaft must be off-screen, far away from the player, outside of the area in which the game is able to check if entities spawn or despawn so the water at the top of the shaft will not be removed, therefore pouring liquid endlessly into the shaft. To make this work, a shaft of at least 2 screens high needs to be used.

"Doubler" Duplication

  1. Go to the "Players" folder in your Terraria folder, which can usually be found at C:\Users\USER\Documents\My Games\Terraria (or just use the search function in your start menu).
  2. Start a single player game.
  3. Put any item you want to duplicate in your inventory (very important) and save and exit your game.
  4. Look in your "players" folder: there will be a file (or multiple files if you have multiple characters) which looks something like "Player1.plr".
  5. Copy and paste this file so that there are now two of the same file in your "Players" folder (the name will change to "Player1-copy.plr" or something close to this).
  6. From Terraria's main menu, reload your game. You will notice at the character selection screen that you now have two of the same character to choose from. Choose the second one and continue to your world.
  7. Once in your world, take the item you wish to duplicate and stick it in a chest (it helps to place a chest right next to your bed or spawn point in order to save a little time). Save and exit.
  8. From Terraria's main menu, reload your game with your original character. Now your original has the item you wish to duplicate still in its inventory, as well as in the chest.
  9. DELETE both the original AND the copied file in your "players" folder BEFORE you save and exit your world (when you save and exit, a brand new save file will appear in your "players" folder).
  10. Save and exit your world, copy and paste your most recent save, rinse and repeat.

Not working in 1.2: You need: 1 NPC (not guide) The item(s) you want to dupe Money! First, open the shop from an NPC, then select the item you want to dupe, sell the item buy it back, now you can buy it again, and again. This can be done with every item, so long you have enough money.

Duplication on the Console Version

With Chests

  1. Place the item you want to duplicate in a chest then exit the world.
  2. Select multiplayer, then the "host and play" option.
  3. Select the world where you have the item you want to duplicate.
  4. Retrieve the item from the chest.
  5. Exit the world then enter it in single player mode.
  6. Retrieve the item from the chest again, then you should have two of that item.
  7. Note, this may not work sometimes.

Without Chests

Requires two system accounts; works with one controller, better with two.

There are two points in this process at which the game must be saved. If the game saves anywhere else you must start all over from the first step.

  1. Load both system accounts and have them stand about 3 or 4 body widths apart facing each other. Have the second account's inventory open so you can tell when they have picked up everything - also have them give you anything you intend to copy. Now save the game. Timing is important over the next few steps; there are several points at which the system will autosave your data.
  2. Give the stuff you want to be copied to the second account on your system (open your inventory and drop the items so the other account can pick them up).
  3. Have the second system account exit the game through the start menu as soon as you are done gifting them your items. This saves their data so don't skip this step.
  4. Force quit as soon as the other account is out of the game. This prevents the game from auto saving your empty inventory after they exit.
  5. Load both accounts and retrieve your copied items. You should have doubled your inventory goods.

Any Item

Requires online account. On PS4 you need a PSN account. Also, it does not require the online network (for PS4 you don't need PS plus).

  1. Log on to your network account, go onto the character that has the items that you want to duplicate.
  2. Exit to the home screen and go to characters.
  3. Hover over the character with the items you want to duplicate and press L1 to upload the character to the cloud.
  4. Enter a world and put the items you want to dupe in a chest and exit, then go to Characters.
  5. Hover over the same character then press R1 to download the character.
  6. Enter the same world you would have duplicated the items in. You can continuously duplicate things by repeatedly downloading the character but make sure you put the items in the chest or when you download the character, all of the items you have duplicated will return to the normal amount.


  • This may cause the world you have used to not load the next time you start the game, which causes the system to lock up. Loading a different world, returning to the main menu, then attempting to load the map that wouldn't load should resolve this problem.

Magic Mirror

Requires you to have a magic mirror in the top bar.

  1. Open your inventory and select the item you want to duplicate.
  2. Use the magic mirror.
  3. Open your inventory fast, and grab the item; has to be the right timing.
  4. The item should be held, and be in your inventory.


  • If you grab the item too fast, and also put it in your inventory too fast, it will disappear.

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