Eater Family

The Eater Family

The Eater Family was a variety of corruption monsters prior to the 1.2 update. A large portion of the Eaters were deleted and the Big Eater and Little Eater are replaced by the Eater of Souls' different sizes and stats. They are a family of Corruption monsters comprised of the Little Eater, the Eater of Souls, the Big Eater, and the Corruptor. Note that the Corruptor is Hardmode-only. Which member of the family you are facing can be determined at a glance by its size; the Little Eater is the smallest, the Eater of Souls is larger with extra mouthparts, the Big Eater is larger with no extra mouthparts, and the Corruptor is larger with extra mouthparts and a 'Trail' effect (Similar to the Necro Armor set's effect).


  • Get a broadsword of any kind (Iron Broadsword or better recommended). Block off behind and a bit above you, and then keep swinging your sword as fast as possible. You should be able to kill them without getting hurt at all.


All members of this family drop Rotten Chunks and Coins.


  • It is advised to carry a Cobalt Shield when encountering these enemies, as any of the Eater Family can push you into a chasm if you're not careful.
  • If you wish to farm Rotten Chunks you can do so by making a tower with 3+ high sides and a roof. Place lava on top (making sure it doesn't flow off the top of the building) and possibly to the sides as well. The Eaters' AI should make them fly into the ceiling or walls of your hideout and take damage from the lava.
  • As of the 1.2 update, the Big Eater and Little Eater no longer spawn, but more Eaters of Souls with varying stats and sizes spawn instead. 

Update Info


  • Big Eaters and Little Eaters no longer spawn in the corruption. (Only Eater of souls with varying stats and sizes spawn.)

PC release

  • Added to the game.