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v13Eater of Worlds
Npc 13
(Not Full Size)
Type Monster ­
HP Head: 65 Heart
Body Segment: 150 Heart
Tail: 220 Heart
Attack Head: 40
Body Segment: 15
Tail: 10
Defense Head: 0
Body Segment: 2
Tail: 4
Spawn Time Sun Moon Charm Icon (Anytime)
Spawn Area Ebonsand Block The Corruption
Summoned By Destruction of 3 Shadow Orbs
Worm Food
3 SilverCoin Small ? 100%
Each Section Drops:
2-5 Demonite Ore
1-2 Shadow Scales
On Defeat:
5-15 Lesser Healing Potion
(Random #) Shadow Scale
20-60 Demonite Ore
Eater of Worlds Mask 14.29%
Eater's Bone 3.33%
Eater of Worlds Trophy 10%
Suspicious Looking Apple 100%%

The Eater of Worlds is one of the five pre-Hardmode bosses. It can only be fought in the Corruption, where it is summoned either by destroying three Shadow Orbs or by using Worm Food (either method is repeatable).

Terraria - Eater of Worlds - Terraria Early Game Guide Shuriken vs Eater of Worlds Boss Terraria HERO07:18

Terraria - Eater of Worlds - Terraria Early Game Guide Shuriken vs Eater of Worlds Boss Terraria HERO


The Eater of Worlds uses the same AI as all of the other monsters in the Worms Family. However, unlike other worms, every individual segment has its own health. If you destroy a segment that is neither head nor tail, the Eater of Worlds splits at the spot that was destroyed and each half will continue fighting.


  • There needs to be at least 500 Ebonstone Blocks nearby in order to be considered inside a valid Corruption area for the purposes of fighting this boss.
  • From patch 1.0.5 and onwards, the Eater of Worlds would flee after a while if the player wasn't in a corrupt area. Until patch 1.0.6, the player would get the message "Eater of Worlds was defeated.", but now the message says "Eater of Worlds flees."
  • When summoned in the Underground corruption after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated, it is a great source of Souls of Night due to its many parts. This method can also be used to farm Corruption Key Molds.


  • This boss could possibly be a reference to the "Eater Of Worlds" from Stephen King's novel "Night Shift" from the first short story "Jerusalem's Lot".
  • This boss could be a reference to the 1990 film `Tremors` where giant worms with teeth attack a group of friends.


  • In the iOS version of Terraria, once you break the third shadow orb, the entire Eater of Worlds will spawn in the location of the shadow orb, and the message "Eater of Worlds has awoken!" will not display.  "Eater of Worlds has been defeated!" will still display once it has been killed, however.
  • Rarely, the boss will spawn as only a single segment, and nothing else. It will function the same as normal, just very ineffective at killing anyone.
  • A possible bug may be that, when building over the Corruption, the boss will be summoned, as if displeased with the bridge, leading to much confusion and claims of griefing.
  • One very specific bug may happen if the Eater of Worlds is fought in the Underground Jungle. Some of its segments may get "chained/fused" with a Man Eater and stand still.
  • Another bug is that the boss will be summoned on world creation (i.e. make a world then enter it). This is most likely caused by defeating a boss and then immediately creating the new world.
  • Sometimes when a Meteorite landed and you exit the world and enter it the boss will be summoned.
  • Another possible bug is when you've cut the Eater of Worlds into several segments and one kills you, that worm will disappear but the others will continue to fight (needs confirmation).
  • Sometimes, on console version, on a full server, only one segment will be visible, and only it can be damaged, once destroyed, the next segment will become visible.
  • If you break 3 Shadow Orbs, and use Worm Food, it will summon 2 Eater of Worlds (confirmed).

Update Info





  • Now says "Eater of Worlds flees" when outside of corruption.


  • No longer drops Shadow Armor and will flee if outside of corruption.


  • Introduced.


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